Revenge Killer Traumatized by Porn as Child — May 29, 2014

Elliot Rodger wrote that he was “traumatized” by exposure to internet porn as an-11-year old.
We’ll hear lots about gun control and mental health, but we won’t hear about the impact of a culture that values sexual fulfillment over almost anything else.

Elliot Rodger and the Santa Barbara Killings

Observations from a Christian Psychiatrist…

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I haven’t heard anyone comment about the impact of [porn] on vulnerable young people, or the trend in culture to make sexual orientation/activity the defining feature of one’s identity.
I’m a child psychiatrist…this kid’s “manifesto” and videos are a treasure trove for guys who study the thinking of those who kill. Reading through his “manifesto,” it’s pretty clear that the cause of his sexual obsession was exposure to pornography through an online chat room and a center for video gamers. I’m seeing more kids for whom this is becoming a problem… especially kids who tend to ruminate or obsess on distressing thoughts.
I’d suggest that Elliot was traumatized by his initial exposure to sexual images over the Internet. From his manifesto ….

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