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It’s all coming together. When the Bush administration – just on time before the election – pushed through the nuclear proliferation deal with India, a lot of people questioned its sanity. Why would you supply critical nuclear technology to a country that had several wars with its neighbour Pakistan? The only thing that stopped both countries so far from letting loose their nuclear arsenals on each other has been the fear of mutually assured destruction. Isn’t it obvious that providing India with the latest nuclear technology will give the country the edge over its neighbour, adding to the instability in the region and increasing the risk of a nuclear confrontation?

The reason for this insanity is that America is no longer comfortable with the ‘Islamic bomb’, the nuclear weaponry owned by Pakistan. Or to be more precise, Israel and its lobby were able to convince the US to take steps to disarm Pakistan. The plan they came up with was the same they used when the Afghani Taliban asked for too big a share of the heroin cake in return for ensuring an undisturbed opium production. Linking them to a terrorist attack they committed themselves. It’s standard operating procedure.

After the successful test run in Oklahoma, that convinced America’s ruling crime families that they sufficiently control the media to get away with anything, they pulled off 9/11 to have an excuse for their various wars and NWO legislations. They bombed Bali to give Canberra sufficient public support for the Australian participation in the War for Drugs and the War for Oil for Israel. They bombed the London Tube and the Madrid trains for the same reason. They were going to do the same thing in Germany too, to give former StaSi now Mossad spy Angela Merkel more leverage, but there was too much resistance within the German intelligence community and they had to call it off.

If you wonder how much evil a human being can do – or let happen – before being stopped by his own conscience, let me assure you that’s not it works. Our ruling elites and their shills – whether they Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or Agnostic makes no difference – are strongly influenced by ancient Kabbalistic and Masonic mysticism, They hope to grow their power/wealth and find redemption by committing as much evil as they can get away with. Quite a few of them secretly engage in full-blown Satanism, aiming to bring about the triumph of Satan over God through the rampant use of Satanic symbols and by doing extreme evil. This is why Churchill and Roosevelt murdered millions of innocent German and Japanese civilians and defenceless prisoners of wars. This is why the Americans are murdering millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is why they are poisoning not only Iraqi civilians but their own troops with the rampant use of depleted uranium coated ammunition.

Anyone who is hoping for Obama to stop this nonsense must be severely delusional. Obama made it perfectly clear, on a number of occasions, that he is willing to engage the US in an armed confrontation with Pakistan. He wouldn’t be where he is unless he had promised to go to war with Pakistan.

Republican and Democrats are just two sets of puppets controlled by the same players. Oklahoma wasn’t planned by Bill Clinton, but by George Bush. 9/11 wasn’t planned by George Bush, but by Bill Clinton. And the destruction and disarming of Pakistan – although minutely planned and put into motion under George W. Bush – will be completed by Obama, unless America comes to its senses. Why else would Obama keep Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates?

As in New York, London and Madrid the dirty work of the terrorist attack was done by Mossad, the world’s most professional assassins. They own the building from which the snipers operated and they bombed train stations before, most notably in London and Madrid. Most incriminating though is that, just like in all the previous false-flag attacks, no Jews were injured or killed. It’s okay for a Jew to kill hundreds and thousands of Gentiles, according to the Talmud even his duty, but the blood of a Jews is too valuable, unless he has made the rabbis upset.

The Indian government obviously isn’t innocent. The attacks are on such a scale, that they couldn’t have possibly be performed without the knowledge of the local authorities. Only time will tell whether Delhi can get away with it. They obviously hope that Hindu hatred for Muslims sits so deep and compassion for their own is so scarce, that they don’t mind.

Rebel of Oz is the founder and editor/publisher of dissident blog ZioPedia.org and alternative news site RebelNews.org. You can read more of his writings in the editorial section of ZioPedia.org. Andrew can be contacted on andrew@therebel.org.