Bilderberg 2014: Copenhagen 29 May to 1 June

News Brief — May 28, 2014

The Marriot Hotel, Copenhagen: venue for the upcoming 2014 Bilderberg meeting. Click to enlarge

The 2014 Bilderberg conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark from Thursday 29th May to 1st June 2014.
About 140 participants from some 22 countries have already confirmed their attendance. These include key and up and coming figures from industry, finance, academia, the military and the media.
In addition a number of prominent political leaders will also gather at the Marriot Hotel in Copenhagen, the venue for this year’s meeting.
According to the Bilderberg website some of the topics for discussion this year will include:
·Current events
·Is the economic recovery sustainable?
·Who will pay for the demographics?
·Big shifts in technology and jobs
·The future of democracy and the middle class trap
·China’s political and economic outlook
·The new architecture of the Middle East
·Does privacy exist?
Following this brief list of topics to be discussed are the words “not for publication”, an injunction that the corporate media seems to be obeying. For despite the attendance of many key political figures and editors there has been a virtual media blackout on the upcoming event.
Among those attending will be:
·Ben van Beurden, CEO Royal Dutch Shell
·General Phillip M. Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe
·Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign Minister and a regular attendee
·Ed Balls, British Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
·Etienne Davignon, Belgium Minister of State
·John Elkann, Chairman of Fiat
·Robert Dudley, British Chief Executive of British Petroleum
·Thomas Enders, CEO Airbus group
·Henry Kissinger, another regular attendee
·Christine Legarde, French Director of the International Monetary Fund
·Peter Mandelson, another regular attendee
·Andrew McAfee, principle research scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology
· John Micklethwait, Chief Editor of the Economist, a regular attendee
·Craig J. Mundie, senior advisor to the CEO of Microsoft
·Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General NATO
·Robert E. Rubin, Co-Chair Council of Foreign Relations and former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
·George Osborne, British Chancellor of the Exchequer
·Richard N. Perle, leading U.S. neocon and one of the prime advocates for the Iraq invasion
·Natalie Nougayrède, French Director and Senior Editor of Le Monde
·David H. Petraeus, former CIA Director and former Commander of U.S. and Allied forces in Afghanistan
·Norbert Röttgen, Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag
·Stephen S. Poloz, Chairman Bank of Canada
·Jorma Ollila, Finnish Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell
·H.R.H. Princess Beatrice of the Netherlands, another regular attendee
·H.M. the Queen of Spain, ditto
·Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of Volvo
·John Sawers, Chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service
·Peter D. Sutherland, Irish born Chairman of Goldman Sachs International: UN Special Representative for Migration
·Eric E. Schmidt, Executive Chairman Google Inc
·Robert B. Zoellick, Chairman, Board of International Advisors, The Goldman Sachs Group
This is only a partial list, a complete list of those attending can be found here. Although even a cursory glance through the above reveals that there will be some very powerful figures attending.

Kasim Reed. Click enlarge

Among all these powerful figures are also listed lesser known academics, who are nonetheless very influential in their chosen fields of expertise.
In addition there were a couple of figures who are less well known with no known expertise. These warrant closer attention because before they rose to prominence both Bill Clinton, while he was still governor of Arkansas, and Tony Blair while still a Labour Party functionary, were invited to attend Beilderberg.
Shortly thereafter both rose very quickly to power. As if their attendance had marked a rite of passage conferring an elite seal of approval before they ascended into the political stratosphere.
One name that stood out on this year’s list in this regard was Muhammad Kasim Reed. The 44-year-old Mayor of Atlanta may not be particularly prominent or powerful right now but he could be about to ascend very rapidly. Keep an eye on him, Kasim Reed may have been earmarked as a future occupant of the White House.

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