The Budget Economy and Deluxury Package Deals

If your news is coming from the main stream media you aren’t getting the news. What you are getting is what I call ‘the package deal’. The Package Deal is like one of those Kentucky Fried Chicken family specials. It’s like one of those all inclusive Las Vegas tours or the ‘can’t be beat’, Six Nights and Seven Days stays at a Turkish beach resort. You find these things everywhere… like the Holy Land tours arranged by Christian travel agencies where you get your propaganda pack handed to you as you step off the plane and where you are delivered into the hands of the people who explain everything you need to know about good guys and bad guys …and people stick prayers in wall-cracks.

The Package Deal is available on a lot of levels besides the information highway with the walls on both sides so that it’s impossible to see the surrounding landscape or get any idea of what you are passing through on your way to wherever you are being herded. You can get a Whole Life Package Deal that includes a couple of parents and a sibling or three; an education, a career, a spouse along with various guaranteed events that include a selection of demises and a funeral to fit the status of your package deal. There are different plans from budget economy to Deluxury all exclusive or inclusive depending on how you want the wording worked to reflect the value and importance of your special status. With the Whole Life Package deal you are also only exposed to the particular information, people and situations that make up the nuts and bolts of your package deal.

Wherever you go you see a number of different package deals, unless your package deal prohibits your seeing certain package deals except from a great distance or as something reported on by the main stream media. And, of course, certain package deals guarantee that you won’t have to see or encounter other package deals. It’s fixed from the bottom to the top for the convenience of all, sort of like, “everyone’s a winner.”

The people in certain package deals can be forgiven for not knowing what’s going on with the other deals but the jury is out on whether they can be forgiven for selecting the package deal that closed off that information.

They check your package deal at border crossings and banks. They check it at the airport and railway customs booths and they check it at the restaurants and shops; the single’s bars and the prisons and universities. They check it when you check in and when you check out and they either talk about you or don’t talk about you. They listen to you or they don’t listen to you and it all depends on the deal you got and there are no substitutions.

These conditions exist as long as there are countries and cultures to support the fencing structures and life theme parks where the consistency and pecking orders are maintained for as long as there are countries and cultures to support them.

For some reason, there’s a joker in the deck; two jokers, three jokers; that part isn’t clear but then… that’s the nature of jokers isn’t it? So you get wars and revolutions which are sometimes included with the package deals and sometimes they aren’t. You also get things like 2012. We don’t know what that’s like because we haven’t been there before as far as we know.

If you read a good portion of what’s at that site you’re going to come into contact with some really inexplicable things that seem to have some amount of hard science connected to them but these sciences are a little dodgy for the scientists that arrange the schematics for the various package deals. It’s what makes the ‘shit happens’ thing into a Zen unpredictable. You get all these unpredictable’s that can’t be understood or analyzed because of the limitations of the package deals. Certain sciences were thrown into disrepute because… well, it’s like the marijuana versus alcohol situation. Alcohol is a serious poison that kills more people in one year than marijuana has since the dawn of time but alcohol fits with the package deals so much better than marijuana which has a tendency to make people question the very idea of package deals to begin with.
Because some sciences lack a complete material focus they are not legitimate. It’s like saying one should never rely on their intuition because reason is superior in every respect. But then you find that reason is a variable because it operates differently according to the package deals.

Are you confused yet? I am… sort of. I guess what I’m trying to understand is, what is someone like me supposed to do in a world full of cradle to the grave, running on rails package deals? Somehow I didn’t get a package deal unless that is also a package deal. There must be other people like me out there. What I hear is that people like me, or you, if you’re like me are supposed to run into some real opportunity around 2012 if we want to… if we don’t fall asleep or make some kind of arrangement with the people who don’t want that sort of thing, whatever it is, to happen to anyone.

The way I see it, there are a whole lot of package deals that are in a whole lot of trouble but the thing with the package deals is that part of the deal is to not tell you about it. There are a number of looming catastrophes that when factored in together have the making of a perfect storm. When you consider the Zio-con and Neo-con madmen who are working out the details to bomb Iran and when you consider that the repercussions from this are going to be much, much greater than Iraq and Afghanistan put together and you add this to the derivatives nightmare and then you throw in certain problems connected to food and fuel supplies and you multiply that by the collective ignorance of all the people living inside of package deals and then add in the resulting confusion well… you do the math.

So… though we don’t know what’s going to happen in 2012 we can be fairly sure of what might happen from here to there. Okay… all the people with their package deals have their destiny sewn into the fabric of the curtains that are shutting out the light of reality so they’ll be getting whatever was promised when they agreed not to inquire into or pay attention to things outside the parameters of their package deal but for the rest of us without a package deal (unless that is a package deal) we probably need to pay even more attention than we have been to signs and omens and the entrails of birds and… whatever knucklebones we’ve been using to tell us what the knuckleheads are up to.

Sometimes it’s better for me to step back a little from the usual Jeremiads about the relentless harm being perpetrated by the people with the Deluxury all exclusive package deals and talk about where this is all headed in a general and predictable way. It should be obvious to even a casual observer that some very bad people are working in a tireless fashion to create Hell on Earth.

So… people… I know you’ve got these package deals and maybe your deal and most of the deals, except for the Deluxury deals, has some kind of codicil that makes it okay for these people to unscrew your heads and dance on the wires but… the way it looks, it looks like maybe they intend to wrap those wires around your neck once they’re done dancing and were I you I would start thinking about that now because it goes against common sense and reason to imagine that the people who are stinking up the joint have any intention of changing their diet. It could be the reason that it smells so bad it that what they are eating is you.

There are some mystifying things afoot that seem to indicate that hope and change are not in the windshield but rather in the rear view mirror. Of course, that might just be another feature of your package deal where what will be turns into what was and you still can’t tell what it is.

I Love You

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.