Feckless Goyim Downplay Protocols of Zion

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com May 25, 2014

Last week, two excited readers sent a link to a new video by David Duke which promised an analysis of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I have great respect for both David Duke and the Protocols, which I regard as 100% authentic, so I had high expectations.
Imagine my dismay when right off the bat, Duke tells us that it doesn’t matter if the Protocols are a “forgery” because they are a “work of imagination” like Orwell’s dystopia1984.
Duke says The Protocols hold imaginative truth comparable to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (on the subject of love.) He inserts a 30-second segment from the movie version of Romeo and Juliet to illustrate this point. This is in the first three-minutes of a video ostensibly devoted to the Protocols of Zion?
Turns out Duke’s video is a pitch for $100 donations so he can publish a handsome new “leather-bound” “illustrated” edition of the Protocols at an affordable price. People who donate more than $100 will get his autograph and low-numbered versions.
Next to the Bible, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the most important book in print today. The blueprint of the New World Order, it contains priceless insights into the Cabalist Jewish bankers’ plans for world tyranny and their methodology.
It is beyond pathetic that a respected white nationalist leader like David Duke thinks they are “a work of imagination.” In fact, they are indispensable to understanding mankind’s tragic past, present and future.
The video hardly cites the Protocols, let alone analyzes it.  Instead, Duke provides examples of how the Protocols’ promise of Jewish domination has now been realized. Most readers of Duke’s excellent books and videos will already be familiar with these examples, i.e the Fed, the mass media.
The Protocols are available online and in numerous inexpensive editions on Amazon and elsewhere. Do we really need a “leather bound” edition?
The otherwise brilliant Michael Hoffman has also bought the “forgery” alibi and disparaged the Protocols.
What did you expect the Cabalists to say when their game-plan was leaked?
Naturally, they stigmatized it as “anti Semitic” so now everyone is too afraid to read or admit it is true. This hate-filled satanic document is not “anti Semitic;” it is anti-goyim. But the goyim are too feckless to recognize this. It is the work of a secret cabal that most Jews would reject if they believed it actually existed. It is not a reflection on any Jews I know.


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