Voice of the White House November 21, 2008

“If you thought the presidential campaign was nasty, you will be interested to learn that the Republicans are not going away and have much evil planned. With the country in a very, very serious economic crunch, these mavens of mendacity are now plotting to throw a wooden shoe into the machinery of economics and will start instituting, by various and diverse means, racial uproar in the United States. Mr. Moscrip, who has even better connections than I do, is preparing a two part article on the how of this for the edification of your readership. The techniques and specifics he knows but the why is evident. The GOP had what they blissfully thought was absolute power, only to see it melt in the sun and run through their fingers. They want the power back and certain elements do not care how they get it. They are building on the physical threats to the new President that are based solely on his race and nothing else. Some of them think it will “be a lot of fun” but I see it as a real threat to everyone and something that can very easily get out of hand and do as much damage to the United States as the economic crisis. I reminded one of them yesterday that it was Phil Gramm’s deliberate removal of all the marketplace checks and balances that has caused the current collapse, a removal that the Republicans in Congress heartily approved of. And we can dump all of this on Bush because he signed off on all of it. If you are being thrown out of your house, can’t get a loan or are watching your business implode, blame it all on Bush and his gang of greedy crooks. Now right wing lunatics like Limbaugh are blaming Obama for all of this which indicates that Rush should now be gobbling Prozac the way he gobbled Oxycontin and Viagra. The series, to which I have made some contributions, will start Monday.”

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