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Smoking Mirrors — May 22, 2014

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“All through the midnight, watch em come and watch em go, with only one thing in common, they got the fire down below”. Very intriguing lyrics those and quite true. As I am working here I thought I would revisit certain musical spaces I used to enjoy; Bob Seeger, Donovan, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Dan Fogelberg and a few others. It takes me back. Certain lines run through my head these days; “a violent hash smoker shook a chocolate machine.” It was a different world then. The darkness was active but also concealed in many ways. That is not the case anymore. The darkness is now on Main Street, brimming with evil, cloaked and camouflaged in every manner of perversity which have become the norm. All of the moral strictures that maintained a semblance of civilization are gone. They have no meaning unless you are poor. They have all been replaced by a single caution; “don’t get caught.’ However if you have the right connections and influence then that doesn’t matter either.
The rules have changed. The laws now exist to protect a particular criminal element who have carte blanche to offend in whatever way they choose and you are in danger of prosecutions and persecution if you point this out but… there are other connections and influences that they do not possess and which are infinitely stronger. Their main agenda is to separate you from your faith in these other connections and influences as well as to distort the teachings of the timeless instructions, set into place to mold and protect you. This is why the majority of religions are now just another branch of Murder Incorporated. Predatory termites have burrowed through all of the infrastructure of western culture and they are now in that phase of looting it entirely. They’ve passed laws that guarantee their right to do this.
Some years ago there was a vile character called Roy Cohen. He was a deal maker and an influence peddler. He liked young boys and he had a boat that often anchored offshore from places like Provincetown and elsewhere. There he would party with young flesh and share the exercise of his tastes with other important men like Cardinal Spellman. What most of the world sees is the front side of things; that side that ‘they’ want you to see. They make policy and they attend important meetings and the media which serves their interests gives a public report on the activities of these sterling servants of the people. They are not servants of anything but their own self interest. They aren’t even human. They abandoned any associations with their humanity long ago. Behind the front, an entirely different kind of action takes place. Most of those in the field of play know about the others and what their particular tastes are. It’s all perfectly acceptable because very little of what they engage in is acceptable in any case and so they have all come to terms with accepting the monstrous appetites of one another, without the slightest hesitation, knowing that their own peculiarities will pass right by with a nudge and a wink, unless they step out of line, or it’s their turn to get thrown under the bus but none of them expect that would happen to them; someone else perhaps, not to them.
We make much of the cognitive disconnect of the general public; how it is that they can be nearly as dim witted as livestock. It’s evident that they suffer from some form of terminal blindness. I believe terminal is an appropriate word for it. They are not the only ones who are blind however. All of us are to some degree but I mean to call attention to those who fancy they are in charge of our lives. They are most exceptionally blind themselves. What they see is not there but they are caused to see it as they do for the purposes of the fate and destiny they have set upon themselves. If you’re going to play chess, you have to understand the board. Some systems work and some don’t and some work for awhile and then don’t work. People with time myopia don’t get this. Some systems build things up and some tear them down and sometimes the one looks like the other. The article you just read is spot on.
What to make of the international backdown on the orchestrated World War 3 activities? Conditions in The Ukraine have dropped off of the media, other than the weirdness of Russian troops backing away, not backing away etc. Something is going on behind the scenes. Something is frustrating the efforts of the bad guys in their quest to do bad things; at least in any truly dramatic sense.
There’s little to talk about or write about at the moment as pertains to external events. That suits me just fine. As my father used to say about me, “no news is good news”, (grin) so… I’ll segue into into a little personal memorabilia and then expand on that as it might relate to the rest of us. One of the reasons I had such problems with government forces was my refusal to admit that I had done anything wrong. They expect you to show up in their kangaroo courts, all down at the mouth and talk about how what you did was a bad things and you would never do it again. I had no intention of that. Getting high was never wrong in my mind and I certainly wasn’t going to let a bunch of alcoholic fascists tell me what highways I could travel. I am free and always will be. When they put me in jail I was still free and acted on it. This led to my spending most of the time in solitary. That was fine with me because I am also never alone. I looked at prison as a monastery, filled with strange monks doing penance.
The state of your life comes down to one thing. Who do you accept as the authority over it. If you accept the temporal world as having say over what you think and say and do, well, there you jolly well are, aren’t you? If you choose otherwise, that the ineffable is in charge of everything. There you are too. Following that, the courses and transitions of your life will provide the evidence of which of these is so. Generally both of them are, as it applies to fealty given. I don’t follow their rules unless their rules make sense and I told them just that. During a period (a long period) when I was locked up among the criminally insane, there was a program that came into being which resulted in some very dangerous people being released into the public. This was a huge disaster and some number of people died as a result. When I went to the psychiatrist who (seemingly) determined my status and asked about my eligibility for this program I was told, “no, not you, you are too dangerous.” I couldn’t help but laugh.
Every time I was released on probation and then later on parole, I exercised my right as a free spirit to go where I wanted and, pretty much, ‘catch me if you can’. The end result was that I got a full pardon eventually. The next big event, some years later, resulted in an acquittal so… for all of the years spent confined and on the run, I now have NO RECORD. Looking at where I am today I have to say, based on the evidence accrued, the ineffable is in charge. Sometimes we may not enjoy, ‘purpose of demonstration’ as it applies to us but it always turns out for the best.
They want you to cooperate and they want you to be a rat. If you don’t, the hammer falls. Now… here round so many turns and corners, many a man wakes up a rat and some don’t. You have to live with that and are they going to look benevolently upon you for your efforts at conciliation? Of course not, they hate rats too. Until you are able to see that life is a staged event with some latitude for the extemporaneous, you will be an actor without a clue. You will be treadmilled and you will be herded. Ask yourself, what is the fate of hamsters and livestock?
Of course, freedom isn’t something you gain from not being at odds with forces that oppose it and somehow managing to bypass the conflict, either through elegant subterfuge or compliance, even to the degree of joining them. Freedom is something you achieve when you succeed in conquest over yourself. There is no other battle. There is no other adversary and you have to understand that being put through the unpleasant changes necessary to bring this to your attention is a real indication that someone bears a profound love for you. It may not look like it at times but… it’s true. The worst part of being able to live ‘the highlife’ up at the top of the pecking order is that it is empty and not at all what it looks like from outside. It is only the illusion that they are better off that they have to convince themselves that they are. Even worse, you have to associate with so many other people who were capable of anything in order to get there and duplicitous as can be in order to stay there. There’s a great film called “House of Mirth” that shows what happens if you refuse to play along and fall out with people of this sort.. Of course… it doesn’t have to end that way. It depends on who your real friends are.
If you want friends in the invisible you have to go about your life as if they were there, regardless of evidence to that account. You also have to behave according to their standards. There’s no more to it than that. You can’t just do it on the weekends. It’s a full time commitment. Inconsistent efforts bring inconsistent results and it is always hard in the beginning until the discipline kicks in and then it takes care of itself. Here’s a good yardstick to measure all related things by. Your taste buds are arranged according to your preferences. If you suddenly are eating entirely different foods it can hit your taste buds in as negative fashion. It isn’t what you are used to enjoying but… within a single week to ten days of eating otherwise, your taste buds adapt and now that is what you like, or at least what you are now used to (grin). Change your habits and new habits will develop. This is unavoidable. Adopt habits to your best advantage.
Difficulty at the beginning; that is an I Ching hexagram. It gets better. It really does and… so will you.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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