Zionist/NATO Vultures Reclaim Libya Carcass

henrymakow.com — May 21, 2014

Former general Khalifa Haftar. Click to enlarge

General Kalifa Hafter, left, is leading a coup against the Libyan government.
After Islamist terrorists did NATO’s dirty work, the two entities are fighting over the spoils. Enter CIA-asset General Kalifer Hafter.

“The UK, France and the USA are now going to “save” Libya from the mess made by them.”

by JoAnne Moriarty — (henrymakow.com)

General Haftar has been in the pocket of the US via the CIA since his traitorous defection during the Libyan/Chadian conflict in the 70’s and 80’s.  He defected and actually moved to the US and lived in and near Langley Virginia for years. It is a well known fact that he was working with the CIA.
During the false flag revolution in Libya in 2011, Haftar was dropped into Libya to lead the NATO Al Qaeda mercenaries and the approximately 5% of Libyans (radical Islamists) that joined NATO.
Haftar attempted a coup in February. It failed completely. He hid inside the US Embassy from where he escaped from Libya. He is back now leading some parts of the old Libyan army who want their country back from the Al Qaeda groups that now occupy it. He is supported by the US with money and electronics now and possibly military in the future.


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