Voice of the White House November 17, 2008

“There are two subject I would like to deal with here today. The first covers the results of the recent election and the second discusses the real causes for the growing economic disaster that faces Americans in all walks of life.

By his election to the American presidency, Barack Obama has greatly advanced the social situation of the black population in America. To the delight of many, especially in foreign countries who actively disliked and distrusted the current administration, Obama’s election was seen as a true reaffirmation of the democratic principles upon which this nation was originally founded. Against all of these positive elements, there is the factor of racial bigotry which has always been a factor in American life and politics. Although political correctness does, in fact, exist in America today, racism and bigotry are rife, though hidden from view. To enumerate some of these elements of hatred, I can mention anti-Semitism on the part of many citizens, a negative aspect that has been growing in America because of the perceptions that the mainly Jewish neocons have pushed the war in the Middle East and exert a disproportionate influence over American foreign policy. I can mention the intense bigotry of the Evengelical Christians who hate almost everyone, demand that Darwin be removed from school curriculums, order that this or that book may, or may not, be sold or read and that anyone who does not believe as they do are eternally damned. And in many parts of America today, hatred of blacks has by no means been replaced with political correctness and we are now seeing manifestations of this. Obama is the leader of a mass movement which swept him into power and in his position, it would be politic, if distasteful on his part, to find a role for bigots; to give them something useful to do like persecuting Latino illegals.

And on the subject of our present economic disaster, let us dwell on its causes. Unbrindled and uncontrolled capitalism always has great surges upwards and equally great collapses. Any student of American economics recognizes this. The last gasp of this boom/bust cycle was the collapse of 1929. Following this, controls were put onto the system to prevent future disastrous fluctuations and it is very, very important to recognize that it was the Republican administration of George W. Bush and the personal participation of Phil Gramm who jointly and eagerly removed these controls with totally predictable results. They indeed had their “free trade” boom and they did profit from it and now we have the resulting bust and we are the ones who have to pay for it. Republican writers are now talking about retaking power in America but unless they get the support of the remnants of the U.S.Army to help them, once the public realizes what Gramm and Bush did to their lifestyles, it will be decades before the Republicans ever get near the seats of power again.”

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