Mwezi Twala — A Soldiers Tale

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During my research I spoke to a black man who had been trained by the KGB in Moscow, as an intelligence agent. He had fought for the ANC and was stationed in Angola at one time. His name: Mwezi Twala.

Mwezi Twala and nine other black soldiers in the ANC’s armed wing, MK, one day decided to ask their superiors what was happening with regard to the vast sums of money the ANC was receiving from European sources. They figured that this money was being donated to the cause of the black people and therefore their superiors were accountable for this money. They did a bad thing.

For asking a simple question about the financial accountability of the ANC, they were tortured. Of the ten of them, six died from torture. Mwezi and three others lived. The ANC does not like Mwezi and he told me that he lives knowing that he could be attacked at any time. He says he has had attempts made on his life before and he watches his back all the time. Mwezi of course no longer believes in the ANC. He says that communism is a lie and it is in fact, all about greed. He sees the corruption in the ANC as being nothing more than a natural result of their communist beliefs.

A book was written about Mwezi Twala and it was published by Harper Collins in the USA. The ANC put pressure on major book stores in South Africa not to carry it, and so the book remains virtually unknown. It is now out of print. It is called “Mbokodo : inside MK : Mwezi Twala : a soldier’s story”.


S.Africa: The Richest Black Man in Africa – The Richest Black men in South Africa – The Secret Super Rich Blacks of South Africa….

African Crisis — Dec 4, 2011

Nelson Mandela pictured with the then ANC leadership in April 2013, shortly before he passed away. Click to enlarge

It is interesting watching the ANC accumulating endless wealth and stealing South Africa’s wealth at every twist and turn. Whether it is President Zuma who is taking polygamy to new levels and marrying more women who are all giving birth to children that we the tax payer will be paying for… forever… or whether it is that loud mouthed Julius Malema, racist communist who thinks he is Nelson Mandela… but who stuffs his pockets with large amounts of money, while claiming to represent the poor…

I remember speaking to the late Mwezi Twala who was tortured by the ANC in Angola. He told me “the ANC is all about GREED”. His words have certainly proven to be prophetic. They’re running left and right, allocating themselves and their buddies Govt contracts to an incredible degree.

But there are other black men, all ex-ANC people who are stinking rich and who are in the business world, and you hear very little about them. They keep to themselves… They are the SUPER-RICH of the blacks… but there is hardly a peep about them in the Mass Media.

Here is what someone told me about them, who claims to know one or two of them personally. The 4 super-rich I am speaking of are: Patrice Motsepe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale and Jeff Radebe.

You can read more about Motsepe here:…

I am told that he is valued at $13 billion and may well be the richest black man in Africa.

I am told that part of the secret of their success is that the four of them work together very closely and that they “keep it in the family” when it comes to their business deals.

Motsepe made his money when Anglo-American gave him a lot of marginal mines. Apparently he instituted a very successful employee share scheme.

I am told that they… and many others (like Mugabe) are deeply involved in making huge amounts of money in the DRC (former Zaire) … but its all hush hush.

I stand to be corrected, but I think the name Jeff Radebe has come up in conversations I have had in the past with regard to big money and Gold mine holdings in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Some interesting things: Cyril Ramaphosa was and probably is the most popular man in South Africa other than Nelson Mandela himself. Mandela actually wanted Ramaphosa to be the next President. But a former General in charge of military intelligence had nothing good to say about Ramaphosa when I spoke to him.

Sexwale has made some noises about standing for President and President Zuma made much about a plot in which he was supposedly involved in trying to unseat Zuma.

You won’t hear much about these 4 … but they wield a lot of power and they’re all still ANC supporters.

In Government by Deception I pointed out that the ANC can “assign” people to tasks which might include tasks OUTSIDE OF GOVT.

You would think that, given how much money they have that they would consider supporting a political party other than the ANC, but you don’t see any of them rushing off to support any other black political party. Instead they seem to be firmly in the ANC stable.


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