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African American: The Daily Nigger – I don’t give a f**k about Africa…
Date Posted: Sunday 16-Nov-2008

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By NNIC | November 14, 2008

I don’t give a f**k about Africa. I don’t care if it is a continent, a country, an animal, a particle or a planet. F**k Africa. I don’t want to live there, and I certainly don’t want to waste my time visiting there. F**k it once, f**k it twice, and f**k it all over again. I’m American, so f**k Africa.

Whew, man. Now I feel better. I had like this big f**king frog in my throat doing that ribbit sound whenever I wanted to talk. I had this big problem that I needed to get out of the way before I could actually make any more points at The Daily Nigger about Obama.

What is amazing is that white people have voted for a mulatto whose only blackness is from Africa, not America. This guy wouldn’t give a s**t about me. I’m too chocolate and American for Obama. I’m not from another country, and even though there is a slave story running through my family tree like a wilting Jack In The Beanstalk, I personally don’t care. I’m not going to leave. Slavery happened a hundred and fifty years ago, and sure times were tough in America after slavery ended, but it was hard on everybody, not just for blacks. At this point we’re all in this together, wouldn’t you say?

Why is that black people are suddenly Afro-centric and falling at the feet of Obama like he is the captain of the ships that were sent over to pick us niggers up and take us all back to Africa? What the hell is going on, because I’ll tell you all something, I for one am not going to go back. I love shopping at Safeway and Ross too much. I like where I live even though my neighborhood is chock full of goofy white folks who for some odd reason like to flaunt their unfit physique by jogging all hours of the day. Hell, I’ll suffer through any amount of white folks just to be able to have all the conveniences I have here. And so, did I mention f**k Africa?

What the hell is going on with black people with their fascination with Obama. He doesn’t share one single solitary thing with the American black experience other than perhaps his mother’s ancestors used to own slaves. Other than that he is impervious to the black American experience, but don’t go telling that to white folks. They’ll be offended and demand that you stop being ‘racist’. My goodness, imagine that. White folks being offended by black folks who call Obama a honky. Again, that’s what I call change you can believe in.

I’m not interested in Africa no more than Ted Kennedy longs for Ireland or Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a rat’s ass about Austria. No matter how dangerous Obama is given his overt socialist leanings, American Jews aren’t beating a path to Israel out of fear that another round of national socialism has beset us along with a hyped-up advertising campaign and a plethora of subversive types reminiscent of Hitler’s era in Germany. The signs are all there: The hard economic times, the fear, the sudden meteoric rise of an unknown quantity. Yet nobody budges. Everyone stays put.

I have more faith in black people than black people have in themselves. I believe that when they start understanding how little they have in common with Obama they will begin to quietly assess how they cannot trust the media. I give black people credit for having more sense than most people are willing to give them. I personally am aware that many of them are beginning to realize that they have been taken in by another media spectacular just like the WMD scandal that shoved the Iraq invasion down our throats regardless of whether Bush was the right guy or not to execute what was otherwise a plan to take out Saddam Hussein that had been on the table for a long time.

American black people do have a lot of sense, but I feel they are overwhelmingly embarrassed right now to admit to what has occurred. They don’t want to have to admit that Obama is not about change, because he has filled key positions with former Clinton administration officials. Black people now have to pay attention to these inconvenient truths unlike before when they could just shrug off their responsibility for participating in government. And moreover, blacks have to come to terms with the fact that their emotions got ahead of their own sensibilities. They thought they were getting the first black president, but what they got was an international pop start cult figure who has absolutely nothing in common with American black people other than his affiliation with his church, which by the way most black people I know would be caught dead attending.

So, just give me my America complete with its problematic past, its twisted and confusing present, its convoluted sense of reality and its unmistakably illogical history of survival amid the horror of confusion and decadence. After all, if anyone should know that democracy is messy then it’s American black folks.
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