Editor of Jihad Unspun Missing

The editor of jihadunspun.com (JUS) has disappeared in Pakistan’s troubled North-Western Frontier Province.

According to Pakistani Government sources Khadija Abdul-Qahhar, a Canadian citizen, was travelling toward North Waziristan. She along with three local accomplices disappeared in Bannu, a city adjacent to North Waziristan, the Tribal Area that has become the target of continuous US attacks with missiles and unmanned drones.

Her disappearance occurred on 12 Nov. 2008, the same day that Stephen de Vance, chief of the USAID-funded FATA ( Federally administered Tribal Area) Livelihood Development Program (FLDP) and head of the Fata Development Authority was killed. De Vance was gunned down along with his driver near the American Club in the smart University Town of Peshawar in a well planned ambush.

De Vance was just 200 meters away from his destination when 11 bullets hit his car, two of them hitting him in the head, killing him instantly. Driver Abdul Shakoor was also killed in the ambush.

Police official Muhammad Aalam Shinwari, said Khadija Abdul-Qahhar reportedly reached a village named Jani Khel, where she spent a night in a local hotel. She left the following morning, saying she was going to meet a Pir (Sufi) named Anwaar-ul-Haq.

Two of the Pir`s brothers have also reportedly gone missing along with Khadija, although police have not confirmed their abduction.

Her last update can be seen on JUS is of 22 Oct. 2008, in which Khadija Abdul-Qahhar requested financial assistance, as if she was running out of money.

Making a documentary in the region was a perilous undertaking during which, Khadija Abdul-Qahhar claimed she escaped several abduction attempts.

Unfortunately, it seems her good fortune may have run out.