The United Nations of New Jerusalem and The Empire of Zog

It’s been two years now since the attacks in Houston and Seattle. Then, a month later, Denver was gone as well. Even I found it hard to get my head around what happened. As for the American people, well, they couldn’t process it at all; Muslims rounded up and necklaced with tires on city and suburban streets… burning in the dark nights of the American outrage. All it took was to tell them that Iran was behind it and then Iran was gone too. There isn’t much news out of what’s left of the Middle East these days. No one knows what’s going on there.

In the early days there was some pretty fierce resistance but it didn’t come to much. Executive order 525 put an end to most of it after it became law to kill the entire families and all known associates of anyone caught fighting back. Then came Bloggernacht and the public executions of anyone convicted of terror-speech. The arrival of the IDF and its merger with Blackwater and the New American Army put ‘shoot to kill’ storm troopers on every street corner. The bounty paid to children for informing on their parents, with food and fuel so scarce, was a crackerjack idea. No one knows what happened to those informed on. They just disappeared.

The assassination of President Obama and the vice president, during their sit-down in Cyprus with Amadinejad, well, that was just icing on the cake. No one much questioned Nancy Pelosi’s stepping down in favor of Rahm Emanuel. It all seemed like a perfectly natural progression. Congress passed the necessary laws and The Supreme Court did what they had to do. Seeing it on the news it made perfect sense the way it was explained. Most of America just bowed their heads and thanked their lucky stars that they were allowed to live on their knees instead of being machine-gunned on their feet. Not too many people were wearing boots anyway. Boots and balls were about as prominent as passenger vehicles on the highways.

I remember when Bennie Netanyahoo arrived for the big reception and state dinner three months into President Rahm’s term. I guess ‘term’ isn’t the right word since it was left pretty open ended after the investiture. Hearing Netanyahoo speak and then listening to the way the newscasters and opinion makers framed it, it seemed reasonable that everyone who wasn’t a Zionist or an Israeli should have to dress according to their particular creeds and affiliations. You got used to seeing Christians with those big yellow crosses stitched across their chests. I’m sure they were glad just to still have Jesus, even if Jesus wasn’t God any more but only the bastard son of a whore who was born in excrement as The Holy Talmud explains it.

It was much, much worse for the Muslims. They were pretty much all shipped off to the Middle East to work on The Great Wall of Israel that is going to encircle all of the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. A lot of them were killed by the Israel/American Defense Force or by mobs.

A number of European countries followed the lead of the U.K. and publicly acknowledged that it was world destiny that Israel should rule the Unified Nations of the New Jerusalem. Still… a lot of countries held out and are continuing to, despite the daily terror attacks that are being blamed on anyone who is standing in the way of world unification. By this time though, everyone who is holding out knows who is responsible and there are places that the terror squads don’t go even in the day time. Most of the problem is with the sympathetic police and military personnel who operate as spies and saboteurs within the ranks of the armies of resistance. Thank god for Putin and Russia and also for the eastern half of New China and various parts of India and Pakistan.

I moved to Russia with my family and some friends soon after Houston and Seattle blew up. The writing on the wall was clear to me, as clear as it was on the day I heard candidate Bush speak for the first time and resolved that I would leave the United States. I don’t know what happened to the part of Italy where I used to live, maybe nothing. I just don’t know.

For some reason, there haven’t been any major nuclear attacks since the shit hit the fan after Denver went. Israel got toasted a lot worse than they expected by Iran and Syria. It made sense that any Israeli, or anyone claiming to be, was given instant American citizenship and then installed into official government positions to secure the Homeland. The way it was explained was that no one could do it better and since that time it’s become apparent to the American people that Israel is a superior nation/race and that things work a lot better for everyone when cooperation is forthcoming.

Somehow news still finds its way around through a patched together internet that often operates on the run. It’s an automatic death sentence in the occupied countries to have a computer or internet connectivity unless it’s government sanctioned.

It was a smart idea on the part of the Israeli government to confer Zionist status on the willing. Not everyone was allowed but anyone who was wealthy and white; who had a reputation as a former sympathizer, anyone who had helped in the transition or given testimony that led to the execution of important enemies, or had generally been useful or loyal and who had value was allowed to wear the coveted ZOG patch on their right shoulder. This brought perks that are undreamed of in these days by the ordinary citizen who’s lucky if they get enough to eat.

Russia is doing pretty well. There’s food and fuel and life can look pretty normal on a given day. There’s a war on though. Russian and Chinese soldier are fighting the New Jerusalem forces in Canada. I don’t know what happened to Japan and Korea but you see some of them around now and again in Russian uniforms. There’s a good amount of infiltration into New Jerusalem and you hear about the killing of highly placed Zionists on a regular basis. We’re told that resources are scarce for the most part in New Jerusalem territories and they can’t wage the kind of war they would like to.

Africa is a no man’s land with armies of every stripe battling it out. Small nuclear devices were going off on a regular basis which turned out to be a bad idea since now a lot of Africa can’t be entered into at all; so much for those resources. This may be why there’s been an unspoken moratorium on nuclear weapons. There’s not much point in winning a war when there’s nowhere left to live.

I hear people say that the whole appearance of Russia on the one side and the United Nations of the New Jerusalem on the other is just a blind and that Putin and Chairman Netanyahoo have certain understandings. Netanyahoo is a God now and people worship him in the Talmudic temples that began to appear everywhere there was enough firepower to protect them. Putin’s been a little better about that and even though it’s a bad idea to say anything negative about the government here, life, as I said, is pretty normal. I live near The Black Sea in what used to be Bulgaria so I’ve got it better than most. Apparently Putin was an occasional reader of my blog back when I used to do that and he granted me and mine a really nice location in an old resort hotel. I met him a couple of times and I’ve got to say I like him.

Now and then someone manages to make it here. God knows how they did it. You should hear some of the stories. So… our little community has grown. I don’t think about the future much; just take it one day at a time. I guess I always knew it was going to come to something like this. A lot of us tried to warn people but you know how that goes.

There’s a lot of talk now about 2012. It seems to be a spontaneous thing that started to go around like when people used to do ‘the wave’ in ballparks. Something big is coming. You can feel it. There have been constant reports of lights in the sky and occasionally you will see people snake dancing in cities and towns when you turn on the TV. It reminds me of something I once read in a book called “Childhood’s End”. I don’t remember it that well now. Something’s coming. I just hope that this time it’s something good.

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