Surfing the Lowlands with Friends in High Places

Visible Origami — May 18, 2014

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For some reason, it doesn’t occur to a lot of people that the entities on the higher planes are far, far more aware than we might imagine them to be and certainly more aware than we are. It is a rare, rare exception when someone physically incarnate, has any kind of parity with the higher ups. It’s an unfortunate truth that the quasi spiritual perspective engaged in by followers of the dogmatic side of the religious carnival (that would be most of the practitioners? …personages? what?) are working through the lens of anthropomorphism, which is not unlike taking photos with the lens cap on, when it comes to getting a clear picture… or should I say an ‘accurate’ picture of what’s what. This don’t mean just because we are not seduced into this particular gambit that we automatically understand what’s what concerning what is and what is not. It just means we aren’t subject to that particular delusion.
Now… I don’t know much but… what I do know is that if I am supposed to know something, I’ll be informed about it and if it’s not pertinent to me, it won’t come down the usual chute from which descends all that is relevant to me. This does not mean that I could not become aware of all kinds of things, even things dangerous to my well being …but appearing rather otherwise, as if they might even be an asset. A lot of people don’t share my hesitations about running around in the unknown without a road map (heh heh, I originally wrote ‘toad map’) or a guide of some kind. This is not to say I wouldn’t venture into the unknown behind some high octane comestible at the drop of a hat (cause I would) but… I always immediately run into the same hierarchy of companions so, that falls into the category of having a road map or a guide. I’m talking about other variables of the unknown… All those places where the ingenue, posing as an informed practitioner, saunters forth with the confidence that they are capable of things they have no clue about. Higher forces come in all shapes and sizes and not all of them are impressed by our presumptions and pretensions. In fact, some of them are employed for the very reason of dealing with them.
The single most important thing that any seeker after truth should have uppermost in their minds is a clear understanding of their own insignificance. Probably the best exercise anyone can engage in is to seek after a clear perspective on themselves in relation to the immensity of the cosmos. It’s no coincidence, it’s no accident, that illuminated souls are the most humble of lifeforms that one can encounter. There are a lot of teachers out there. Some of them are in possession of powerful siddhis and they are quite persuasive and charismatic. This doesn’t mean they are in possession of spiritual integrity, or that they can do you any great good in the areas of your greatest need. They can fill you up when you are present with them but… when you are not, well… the radius isn’t that great. It’s a lot like eating potato chips or any variant of fast food. For some reason you are hungry again quite soon. True jnana yogis and masters are not numerous, especially in these days when so many of the real ones have retreated to distant spaces, to wait out the changes coming. There are some who are moving among us but they aren’t generally identified as that. Their true identities are concealed.
This is the time of false prophets and the reign of Mammon and others. One needn’t look very far in any direction to see what passes for the icons of this age. The ludicrous contends with the ridiculous and that results in a stalemate of mediocrity. For most, the banality, the tragic embarrassments of the tediously mundane, are not seen in all the execrable detail of their fatuous nature. Being too close up upon anything, compromises the perspective and cripples the objectivity. The comatose cubicles of the subjective, amount to individualized deprivation tanks of loneliness, made all the more torturous because of the close proximity of those alienated from one another by the ubiquitously pervasive angst. It moves like bad perfume through the atmosphere of the day and only a close fellowship with the invisible renders any kind of immunity from this fear. It is, in fact, one’s estrangement from the invisible that generates the fear in the first place.
No doubt there are some number of you who wonder why it is that you have not been fortunate enough to be a member of some manifest group of supportive others, in these times when there is such a great need for it; why your circle is so small, why you are a general outcast… or would be, if your thoughts were more widely known to those who are uninformed of what you really think. This is no accident for any of us. In order to swim with a myriad of fish, you have to spend your time in their preferred feeding grounds. This is more than you or I want to endure. Character is often an unfortunate inhibitor of every manner of intercourse. There are some things you simply find yourself unable to do. Maybe it was e.e. cummings who said in one of his poems, “there is some shit I will not eat”.
One of the things true poets possess, besides their obvious intimacy with the muse, is their sense of time and their awareness of the eternal. They can see where life is headed and also the beauty that abides in every stage of the journey. This causes their priorities to be a great deal different than most. Despite their privileged relationships, their suffering is also keener than most, albeit for altogether different reasons. True poets, visionaries and mystics are perpetually aware of their separation from the ineffable. It consumes them. Everything wonderful that ever happens to them comes from that source and it is to be expected that they are intensely aware of its absence, when the sense of separation occurs and it surely will, time and time again. This is because there are definite reasons why one must endure regular periods of separation. It’s all a part of the package. So many appetites are easily satisfied. Some are not so easy …but sooner or later, of course, the opportunity will arrive. On the other hand, some appetites cannot be satisfied, unless every other passion is banked first. Sometimes there is no lasting succor at all, here. Sometimes one must wait until they are through the gates for that. It’s different for every one of us.
So long as one has a body or, let me put it another way, so long as one has a particular awareness of a body. one is subject to certain conditions. That’s just how it is. Bypassing or overcoming this awareness should be the primary objective of everyone who has come here in this remarkable time; made all the more remarkable because so very few are aware of the meaning of it. The true significance of this period is completely concealed beneath a false glitter of no value whatsoever and it’s sole purpose is to conceal this truth from those deceived by it. Cogito ergo sum.
Let’s look at it another way by drawing in something like gravity for example. Gravity hits those with larger body mass and density more so than it does lighter beings. It seems I remember that the bones of birds are hollow, so as to assist them in being flight worthy. Let us say that our affiliation with material concerns adds a certain kind of density to our beings while… at the same time… it alters our relationship to time as well. Time most certainly has a lot of similarities with gravity. Next let us consider the weight that rests upon any of us, considering the degree of our regrets, remorse and the heaviness of memory, which, regardless of our feigned indifference to our own actions, does not fail to make its presence known. So it is that when you let go of all of these things; which first means that you let go of all of your resentments toward others …and when you do… the possibility of being able to release all of the rest of it becomes ever so much easier. You WILL NOT be able to release the rest of it without doing this first; rationalize it with yourself as you wish… you will NOT BE ABLE to. It’s not that hard. Loving the ineffable really helps. In my life I have been the victim of several individuals whose resentment toward me, whether it had to do with a certain level of perceived celebrity of the moment, associations with one of the opposite sex much desired by another or… any of the reasons one might get increasingly more upset with someone else, went out of their way to injure me in as grievous a way as they could manage. I had done nothing to bring this about, insofar as to offend against them, except for being in their way, in one fashion or another. I had even been of great assistance to them when they were in need and I suspect this only amplified the resentment.
These acts of treachery against me were not unlike attempted murder in terms of their severity. I suppose I could justify all sorts of anger toward these people but I’ve zero of that and wish them well as far as it goes, should they show up in my mind, which they seldom do. This is where Broad Daylight Awareness really comes into its own, in terms of value. When you see things as they are, they are no longer colored, or otherwise shaped by certain emotional filters. We have only to look at our own failings and times of operative disregard for the sensitivities of others to understand the need to be generous and forgiving. Another reason is that if you persist too long in this sort of thing you will be put into a situation where you act the same way… for the purpose of illustration.
Anyway, higher entities are not uniformly blissed out and unshakably compassionate toward all life all the time. They come in all shapes and sizes. People might think of the Devic Realm as a wondrous location, all harmonious and without peril of any kind. This is very much not so. I’ve had it convincingly demonstrated on me precisely for my own protection. Angels are not all beautiful and joyous creatures tossing blessings right and left like they were some kind of ambulatory pinata that Pez like dispenses favors every time it bumps into something or someone. They can be terrifying in aspect, intimidating and decidedly unfriendly as well; most especially if they are of the guardian sort, protecting portals and what not. Make yourself one of those friends who knows all about the ins and outs of whatever there is going in and out and leave all potential meetings and exchanges in their hands without argument, ever.
I cannot stress enough the importance of making invisible friends. Even a simple routine of walking each day into woodland or meadow and speaking about such a possibility will most certainly bear fruit; ONCE you’ve been vetted in terms of sincerity and integrity. In case of these two, use the Master Card Maxim, ‘don’t leave home without it’. I’m telling you that you will absolutely get results if you are consistent in practice and understand the value of constant giving way. You are all hosting one presence or another or more, now and again. Certainly they come and go as they wish. Take control of whom you grant admittance to. Stand guard at the gateway of the mind. In tonight’s radio broadcast I will be reading certain passages from The Way to the Kingdom. Be well. Be watchful. Be alert! Be passionately alive and in love with the source of it and you will find yourself a channel where a river of it runs through.
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