“Watched” -The Cybernetic Prison State

henrymakow.com — May 15, 2014

The Cybersyn Project in Allende’s Chile was inspired in part by Jeremy Bentham’s  Panopticon prison concept which allowed a single watchman to observe all prisoners. The prison had one enormous tower of several stories, but no interior walls, so that they is no privacy at all.  The prisoners must see and be seen not only by guards but by the other prisoners.  The idea was to psychologically induce the feeling of constantly being watched. Theoretically, this makes everybody behave.  (Or “bee hive”).

by Richard Evans — (henrymakow.com)

“On a ship, if a man having the power to do what he likes, has no intelligence or skill in cybernetics *,  do you see what will happen to him and to his fellow-sailors?” —  PLATO,   Socrates’ famous metaphor for “ship of State” in the Alcibiades I dialog.
*[kybernetikes = navigation in English.]
CYBERNETICS is a term misunderstood by the general public. It’s not about turning man into a machine.   ‘Transhumanism’ has been pushed in science fiction movies since the 1950’s to cloud the real definition.
For social engineers and ‘governance’ planners, Cybernetics is a formulaic way to reduce everything to a set of variables that can be made to comply with predictable behaviors. The general public aren’t trained in this way of thinking.

Modelo Prison, Cuba. They don't have CCTV cameras in Cuba?

We would assume that the ways we control machines or livestock don’t apply to how we manage people. A machine is a lifeless contraption, nothing but a tool. A man is living being with a mind and a soul.
Cybernetics steps lightly over distinctions like “alive” and “inanimate” to find a common definition. They define anything by what it does, rather than what it is.  By that definition, “Machines are what they do”.
Thus anything that does something in space and time is a machine, a ‘system’. This definition is how 1950’s popular culture got the idea that “Cybernetics” means literally the combination of human beings and machine parts. While this is possible – we have pacemakers, hydraulic artificial limbs, and a growing industry developing “human enhancement”, that’s not the main goal of Cybernetics.
The goal is CONTROL. Cybernetics means “to steer”. The metaphor implies steering anything from a ship, or a herd, or a State in the direction you want it.
Ever work for a corporation? “Corporate Culture” since the 1950’s became a simulacrum of a society designed and governed by the laws of Cybernetics. This field is the origin of terms like “Human Resources” for what used to be called ‘Personnel’. “Human Ecology” is the term the CIA used to categorize its MKULTRA mind control experiments.
It works on the mass, the collective of humans.  Individuals are a problem for them; some are less predictable.  Arthur Koestler’s wonderful term “The Ghost in the Machine” was a reference to this “problem”. The ghost is the human soul.


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