Iran built a drone, and I say that’s wonderful. Join the party!

Megan McCormick — May 15, 2014

Iran announced that it’s made its own version of a US drone. I say, bring it on. After all, how bad are drones, really? The US has been using them liberally for years and no one seems to have a problem with it. What could be so terrible with Iran having one, too?
See, the US is really talented at using drones to take out people it doesn’t like, and taking out a few more while they’re at it. They do this in a bunch of countries, and why not? What’s a few innocent people killed so long as they’re in someone else’s neighborhood?
Here are some numbers, and these are just for Pakistan:

Drone strikes in Pakistan. Click to enlarge


Which is really something, considering the fact that we’re doing this to other countries, too:
via BBC
The US has even killed four of its own citizens, including an innocent teenager, with the use of drones.  Regardless of the political reasoning behind these actions, the reality is still the same: people are being killed. They’re being denied their right to a trial, and access to a justice system.
Pretty horrifying, right? And President Obama is downright candid in admitting that this happens. There’s been plenty of outrage over the years, and yet nothing seems to be happening to end this habit that takes the lives of so many people half a world away. In the latest presidential election, the matter of drone use wasn’t even questioned, as both parties were in support of this treatment of other human beings.
So I say, let’s invite Iran to the party. Let’s invite a few more countries while we’re at it! Why not? If it’s so unremarkable for the US to continue acting this way, what’s the harm in having some competition? After all, Iran is only copying the US’s technology. Nothing new here.
You might argue that Iran’s government is different from the United States’, but it’s important to see what those differences are. Are both governments willing to use excessive force to back up their own personal beliefs? Yes. Have they done so in the past? Well, I think we just went over the US’s track record with that very topic.
It’s a convenient lie to say that the US is exceptional and deserves to use the military force it does around the world. Applying that lie to another country is terrifying…as terrifying as it should be with any country, including the United States.


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