The Reverse Kundalini Lords of Metropolis

Visible Origami — May 13, 2014

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Global warming may be a myth but global cooling is not; from what I can see. May is the new March? As the days pass, far out gets farther and farther out. The insane have taken over the crumbling institution. Any day now you think they’ll hit their limit but they don’t. They just go on and on. By this time there is no outrage too great to be made legal and, if possible, mandatory; Cannibalism, with the item butchered, cooked and served at your table? Not a problem. Should the age of consent be lowered to eighteen months? Why not? Separate laws for the rich and the poor, to the exclusive benefit of the rich? Why didn’t we think of that before?
You might think I am being sarcastic. I am not. Have you considered what those vultures on the Supreme Court were promised in order to get them to confer person-hood upon corporations? Have you considered the implications of what they did in relation to the trust of their position? What they have done is nothing less than treason.
The bad guys have really come out into the open. Members of the Ukrainian military forces opened fire without provocation upon people waiting to vote in an eastern city. It was no big deal to the Beast Media, no big deal at all. Obviously we have entered a new phase. The war games have intensified; the actual war games and the cultural war games. The war on the usual traditions and morals has intensified. The black and flaming pit of chaos and disorder beckons.
We can only hope (and continue to endure with unflagging faith) that the answer will come, that the worm and the tables will both turn. I’ve maintained for some while that every time the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there. The level of corruption has moved beyond anything I ever expected. I at least expected it to be more concealed and less obvious. Everyone, at every government agency, serves the industry they are hired to regulate. They come into government. They play patty cake with industry and then they take a position in industry. There are many, many instances of this, so many that it is the rule and not the exception.
Insanity continues and irony follows. In the meantime, amazing things are blooming all round.
At this point it is not unexpected that many souls are heavy with the atmosphere of the times and the certitude of what is coming up in the wider sense. Some of us look very closely at trends. Many more of us should. In the past many of us should have looked at trends. It would have saved such a great amount of grief, pain and awesome suffering. In the end I suppose it must be karma that blinds so many eyes to the obvious that awaits them.
The bread basket of America as well as the fruit and vegetable farms are in grave danger. The government is rotten to the core and the business community is a soulless automaton marching over everything in its way. All of the traditions that held everything together, insomuch as they were responsible for that are all falling away in tatters. There is no sense of normalcy and there hasn’t been for some while. The trends speak of what is to come in so many places. Running right alongside of this are the varieties of indifference, obsession and the raging tsunami of ignorant appetite that swallows up all of the attention of those who are meant to be the trademark evidence of the results of the trends they are indifferent to.
It is difficult to process things, like how the whole of Europe, North America, Australia and other occupied territories can all be in lockstep with the will of Satanic bankers and the rest of the horrific leeches that skulk about in their bloated fantasies of endless consumption and ownership; there in the shadows where they live their brief hour before departing into a far greater darkness, with a much longer shelf life. I’ve always wondered about what it can be that permits those with some degree of intelligence to willingly put themselves at the mercy of that which has no mercy. There is something that happens in the mind that makes the incredible cost of the whole affair… somehow… worth it.
I suppose the same can be said for anyone who buys into the material realm as something worth giving the majority of their time to, not to mention all manner of affection, such as they are capable of generating. The mind intrigues upon the image and the heart sends out a tentacle web, a net for capture but… it is itself captured. Time thickens the cords of attachment and circumstance inevitably break them at the cost of a whole lot of suffering. There’s really no way around this except to not get into it in the first place, or resolve to break them yourself. However it happens it was necessary and on the other end of it one can find a much greater freedom, or a terrible bitterness or, perhaps something in between.
I wonder if it is the same for others as it is for me, a pressure comes down that is difficult to bear. It probes and pushes in order to excite anger over conditions of no large consequence, conditions that are temporary but which have the capacity to overwhelm under the hand of that pressure. I don’t remember the pressure being so much like that before. I sense that it is a part of a larger and more pervasive pressure that is everywhere about these days. I read accounts daily of people who could no longer manage it. For all that I have been told of better times to come and for all that I feel in relation to that, especially in mornings and evenings, the evidence of positive change is much hidden.
Trends… patterns… life here is composed of them, just as the dance of humanity moves through predictable rituals of change. There are periods of order. Sometimes they are longer than at other times. Order invariably moves toward disorder, after it has become too rigid, too fixed, too stratified. Nations and their governments go through rituals of change. They are predictable. The American system and its long reach seems unassailable but it is falling apart as I write these words. It has over extended itself in every critical area and now its main course of action is over reaction, when it isn’t a simple perfunctory head bob to the creeps that run the joint.
For some perverse reason, which I don’t fully understand, systems, governments and all kinds of things that get established and hang around for long enough to be taken for granted, are never more surely in decline than when their power is so manifestly on display for the purpose of intimidation. Another sure sign is when the leadership has been dredged up out of lost septic tank, genetic pools. Men and women of honor and integrity are no longer involved in the process. Even though the process has been corrupt for a long time and even though there have been corrupt operatives coming and going from inception, there has always been good men and women about to balance out the equation. These days that is seldom the case. Integrity and honor are extreme liabilities to employment, much less advancement.
Although it seems like it can go on for a good long while, it cannot, and when you keep in mind that the infernal intelligence is just another employee of the supernal intelligence, you have to figure that, whether you can see it or not, it’s all being directed to a particular end. In the meantime, particular trends continue to pick up and a lot of it can be tied to the way we look at things and of course the insanity progresses in every venue. The amazing onslaught of the bearded Conchita is proof positive of what’s going on in the heads of reverse kundalini lords of Metropolis. The point we have to remember is that existence is a sex act. There is no way around this. ‘If’ you can establish this in your head as a true reality, then you can easily understand what they are up to. War is a sex act and they channel that force in the young into aggressions needed to ‘penetrate’ other countries and violate them akin to rape. The Garden of Eden tale is an allegory. The serpent in the grass is the Kundalini, when it rises up from the primitive levels of expression is manifests as Godhead.
So… perverting the natural order of things is what they do and they do it for various reasons. It messes up your psyche and puts you at odds with yourself, making you more easily controlled in the resulting confusion. This has nothing at all to do with individual expressions of physical attraction to any particular gender because that’s a phase… all our life experiences are a phase, a trend, if you will.
Anyway, they seek to blur the lines and we must keep in mind that those at the top of the pyramid engage in all sorts of bizarre sexual expressions, which include, at the core, the violation of innocence, as well as the torture, rape and murder of children because it affirms them in their state. Once you gain control over your own sexual force they lose all of their influence. ONCE AGAIN, keep in mind, this is all a production engineered for the purpose of demonstration and the infernal regions are compelled by the irresistible will of the ineffable to carry things through according to a particular design. Don’t concern yourself with what these Nimrods are up to, except to strive to be otherwise; “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.”
The seventh trump, my own particular card, represents, “triumph in the mind”, it is followed by two other cards, significators of my work and resolution thereby, next is “Strength”, which has to do with control of all subconscious force, leading to The Hermit as result and followed by the residing condition expressed in the 10th trump. Each of us has a trump series that has to do with our particular passing through here.
The reverse kundalini boys have a certain free rein to despoil innocence and to bend the culture according to the weaknesses generated in the populace by the pandering to base and superficial appetites. This explains why you need to be ‘in the world but not of it.”
They offend Heaven and that is a crime you must surely wish to avoid at all costs. Regardless of what you may think of Heaven and the one who resides there with his minions, Heaven is all powerful. Any idea otherwise is bullshit and there is a natural order and a higher order to all things. As Lao Tzu says (speaking to the impartiality of the divine), “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” Don’t let the memory of your failures and shortcomings cheat you of your divine heritage. You will overcome. You will attain, simply persevere.
That force within you can only go in so many directions. Expended outward it results in a depletion of force and one burning out. This is the oil that lights the lamps of illumination.
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