The Illuminati’s Charm Offensive

Marcos — May 12, 2014

We don’t know for sure if Fritz Springmeier is being scammed, but his recent declarations that the Illuminati want to lead us as modern Plato philosopher-kings to an age of peace and prosperity may reflect a new strategy.
Since the advent of the web, millions of people, many young, who never knew about conspiracy theories, have watched Youtube videos, read articles and forum posts about the heinous crimes of the Illuminati. A response was needed.

David de Rothschild sailed around the world in a catamaran made of plastic bottles. The new generation of banksters are our friends and want to save the planet. Click to enlarge

The answer is a marketing campaign: the old generation was greedy and materialist, the new generation is open and generous. Let’s catch the flies with honey.
They have realized that they must get rid of the image of blood sucking satanic banker ​s and ​be seen as enlightened, spiritually developed gnostic beings who will pave the way to the reign of peace of the antichrist.
Satan is working on many fronts to give us the impression that his antichrist will get rid of the evil banking system, imperialism, the industrial-military complex and all bogeymen he himself created, in order to enact a spiritual age of love and peace, guided by his enlightened beings of light, benevolent aliens or ascended masters.
Think about the ecology freak, baby Illuminati David de Rothschild and his media coups, like the use of a recycled plastic bottle boat as a public relations stunt to push his eco-warrior image.
The Rothschilds, narcissists by nature, have always loved the spotlight, in the way of fine wines from James Mayer or car races by Victor. They allegedly have given 50,000 works of art to museums. Their minions Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have surprised the world by giving away tens of billions of dollars. How not to love such benevolent rulers?
Since they believe in the gnostic concept of moral balance, they have no problem giving away US$ 10 MM to a Children’s Hospital the day following a ritual with human sacrifice. Of course, the public will only hear about the good action. We should expect many more such deeds in the near future.


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