The Rites of the Sun and Moon and the Habitual

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 11, 2014

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A consideration; I don’t know that anyone noticed (I do) that my blog entries may seem a bit of a ramble lately, as well as a random seeming sampling, of hodge podge end runs in search of cohesion… ah well, truth be told, I am no longer able to sit down and concentrate on a complete blog posting, much less every day. Actually… I could and I could do it every day and still do what I have to do here but I want to give myself a certain amount of space so, I steal some moments here and there, like now and this time will probably get most of a posting together. I’m getting to where I can work into the night now on getting this place together. I’m more and more in shape and more familiar with what I’m doing. It had been some years since I’ve done this sort of thing. Anyway… it’s going to take a few months for sure and so… all the things I used to do will have to go on a back burner for a bit. I’ll do my best to get posts out somewhat regular and the radio broadcast. I guess the musical recordings and books are going to have to wait altogether. Anyway, for the purpose of explanation.
The assault on the culture continues, as minority splinters drive themselves under the fingernails of the public good, as if they were prisoners in a tropical concentration camp during one of the recent central banker wars of a few decades ago. They’re burrowing like parasites through the legal framework of western nations, creating increasing protections for themselves as their offenses continue apace. There’s no telling what the cosmos has in store for them. If it is all as we have been led to believe, according to scripture and those wise souls who have appeared here and there, throughout the course of history, sooner or later, some kind of summation will come about; whether a hand will appear out of the sky and press the flushing lever of the world toilet, sucking down all that has been tagged for recycling or… whether it all awaits them and us as well in the hereafter, I have no idea. The more time passes, the less I am able to speculate on or project about anything concerning the future, including my own. I’ve come to terms with life taking whatever direction has been mysteriously set.
Some of us have a great deal of freedom, or believe that we do, to come and go as we like and to do as we please. I possess nothing of the kind. Once I thought I did but now I know it’s all scripted as far as my own destiny goes so… I’m inclined to go along with the program, even though I have no idea what that is. I have no idea what I’m doing here or what’s on the rotating menu of moments to follow. I’m not even inclined to think about it. It will be what it will be but… I didn’t come here to talk about myself today. I don’t know what I would say anyway. Still, I must continue for a short while by way of explanation and in order to set a tone.
I say a lot of things. These things simply occur to me and then they get said. I have no way of knowing how true any of them are. They feel very real to me but I don’t always see them acting out in my own existence. Apparently there is a good number of people who resonate with what gets said here and if these things turn out to have been of use to someone then the credit has to go to the source of these thoughts. I can take a degree of comfort from what seems to be the positive effect of them. One doesn’t always know, when faced with the inexplicable tangles of memories and those subjective reflections we all get up to in the quiet hours when sleep, for some reason does not come, or when one is awakened early in the darkness before dawn and a welter of flashes present themselves and acquire a meaning and an emotional intensity they do not often possess. I’ve been in both of those places more than once and others as well. I don’t know what they mean. Sometimes they leave me momentarily shaken and sometimes they come with a narrator and i hear all kinds of things, seldom is there any negativity present. I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve have observed that as time goes by, the past can weigh increasingly heavy on one. I don’t get much of that. I don’t seem to be permitted to.
It’s a perpetuating riddle to be confronted with an ongoing slipstream of metaphysical and philosophical constructs, to live a life where your greatest attraction and the target of your greatest affections is something mysterious and unknowable and which is, at the same time, your greatest protection and your most relentless persecutor; after all… if everything that happens to you is either initiated or permitted by the same force well… what else can it mean?
If we look closely at our lives and that means with real objectivity, we will see that it’s all a series of stages. One stage leads to another and they can vary considerably from one person to the next, depending on their general direction. There’s a predictability to it all, most of the time but, most of the time, most people are too close up on it to be able to see it as it is. We color everything according to how we define the world around us. This isn’t to say that some of those definitions aren’t real, just that all of them aren’t.
The power that think they are, are working overtime on particular issues. This morning there were no less that 3 articles on the same thing; not to mention the massive media onslaught concerning Michael Sam the Ram. The usual jokes will follow concerning the name of the team that picked him. This and the rise of public satanic ritual are all a part of a relentless campaign to bring society to a particular state. Insanity is running rampant, as is conspicuous consumption. Here is an amazing example of that. Please see that you read the listing of assets. Whoa!
I brought these things up because they are all trends, indicative of conditions and mindsets of the moment. Trends move in a direction, as in ‘trending toward’. For those with accurate insight into what is taking place, externally, and who understand something of what composes themselves can appear near prophetic, but all they are doing is seeing what there is, via something I call Broad Daylight Awareness. This is possible only when the sun is shining; metaphorically speaking. It is absent when the moon is ascendant. I don’t want to demean the moon or take away from the significant archetypal power ‘he/she’ exerts (depending on what tradition you follow). It’s all part of the dance, no… I bring this up because the Moon; what it is representative of exerts a power and a fascination upon the human mind that must be acknowledged. Lunacy comes from the word, ‘luna’.
In the world of the moment, as is ever the case, all machinations and intents serve the will of the ineffable, regardless of what their appearance might be. As it is said, “all things work for good for those who love the lord.” It is to be presumed that quite the reverse is the case for those who do not. Nonetheless… everything comes round to whatever point the ineffable intends to make. You might think it is slow going but the ineffable has a different sense of time than we do. The ineffable has all of eternity to play out whatever dream is manifesting to a particular end. To give an idea of this, think of all of the dreams that have come and gone and will come and go as nothing more than one of the waves that endlessly crash upon the shore. That’s impressive in the one sense and a perfect example of insignificance in the other.
Here we are. We can debate many things but that is beyond debate. Here we are and it MUST BE that we are here for a reason and it MUST BE that our behavior and the state and direction of our hearts and minds has a great deal to do with whatever results from our being here. It stands to reason that acknowledging this is a sign of sanity and not acknowledging it is a sign of madness. Our situations change according to whatever it is we are supposed to give attention to. If we do not give it our attention it will demand it and such is the nature and origin of our suffering; whether it be in the pursuit of something, or our ongoing evasion of the inescapable; we are expressions of the divine insofar as we express that and we are otherwise insofar as we express otherwise and every otherwise has a resolution. We either get on with it or it gets on with us. Either we seek the protection and guidance of the ineffable or… we are put through whatever changes are necessary to bring us to that state. Are we mad or are we sane?
Much of our problems arise from our instinctive nature to take care of things ourselves, even when we know we are playing a part. The mind falls back upon its patterns and the habitual is our greatest adversary. Breaking the patterns of lifetimes is a fearsome challenge. Certainly it is not in our own power to accomplish this. We must rely upon a greater power. Consider this as irrefutable truth; the ineffable is capable of anything. There is nothing the ineffable cannot achieve or handle, despite us and within us… “if god is for me who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.” Could it be any more clear? Why is it so hard for us to get this and to come into alignment with it? The habitual is the reason and there are a variety of forces that play into the habitual and work to contain us within it; peer pressure, appearances, agents of the infernal and those attractions peculiar to ourselves but yet shared in some manner by so many others.
All through the long course of history, others have gone before and come up against similar things in different garb. The challenges may change their shape but the challenges remain the same and… if we habitually fail, our real failure is a failure to continue, to allow discouragement and a poor sense of our own worth to overcome our zeal to accomplish the great work. For one who is set upon their course and who has resolved to allow nothing to daunt their quest, success is certain and the key to it all is Love. If you love what you do, the effort required seems to be no great matter. If you do not love then the effort shall surely prove too much and this is why the greatest commandment is the greatest commandment.
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