When Will It Start?

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Iran flexes its missile capabilityLike pieces in a chess game, strategic assets are being positioned and preparations being made. This is being done with minimal publicity but plans are now well underway for truly momentous events.

None of this should come as a surprise, of course. Some time ago a trusted clairvoyant friend warned that tensions with Iran would ultimately erupt into war, one that in time would escalate into a global conflict. More recently he gave a date, which we’ve withheld until we had confirmation for what will essentially be the beginning of World War III.

Well, recent weeks have provided some unsettling corroboration.

A variety of indications have appeared all pointing in the same direction and although none explicitly signals war with Iran, you only have to join the dots to see that’s exactly where we are heading.

One of the first signs came in mid October when top international military officials met in Adirondacks, U.S.A. This was no ordinary summit; high-ranking military commanders from France, Germany, Italy and Britain met with members of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff in an isolated forest reserve in northern New York, the location no doubt chosen to keep publicity to a minimum.

Given other recent pointers it’s likely Iran was high on the agenda. They may even have discussed plans for a concerted military strike, or as this writer suspects, planned their response following an initial Israeli strike on Iran.

Because another give-away signalling as much recently came from Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden.

Although ostensibly from an Irish/American background, Biden is also an avowed Zionist on record as saying ‘You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist’.

Essentially he is in place to make sure Obama follows the correct game plan. If he doesn’t, a ‘lone assassin’ or suchlike will deal with Obama and Biden will then step-up and assume office.

Biden makes his pointHowever, Biden’s obvious giveaway came on Sunday October 19, when he warned that if elected, Obama would face a testing time initially.

“Mark my words,” said Biden emphatically. “It will not be six months [after his inauguration] before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy….Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

Whence this certitude? How does Biden know that Obama will face an “international crisis” a “generated crisis” if he becomes president? In two separate speeches the same day he warned of this “crisis” but more to the point: how does Biden know so precisely when it will occur?

Uncannily, his timing corresponds exactly with our psychic friend’s warning.

A while back he warned that conflict with Iran would begin around April 2009, which just so happens to be during the first “six months” of the new president’s term.

Is this the crisis Biden refers to?

That being the case, this would indeed “test the mettle” of the new president. And if conflict does erupt between Israel and Iran will he throw the U.S. military in support of Israel, in keeping with previous agreements?

However Obama may react, other ominous factors are coming in to view.

Much depends on the current face-off between Israel and Iran but whether this erupts into open military conflict hinges to a large extent on the outcome of the Israeli elections in February.

There are two main contenders.

If Tzipi Livni wins we believe that Israel may learn to live with Iran, even if relations remain somewhat chilly. For despite being the daughter of two prominent Irgun members, Tzipi Livni is pragmatic enough to understand that military confrontation is not the only option in dealing with Iran.

On the other hand, if Likud hardliner Benjamin Netanyahu wins it will be another story altogether. Netanyahu is on record as describing 9/11 as “beneficial” for Israel and reportedly received prior warning of the 7/7 attack in London – so electoral victory for him will make war with Iran almost certain.

That being the case, it’s likely that Israel will make the opening move: either with a false flag operation or a direct strike on at least some of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Nonetheless, Israeli military success is far from assured – Iran is well armed and prepared, some distance from Israel and intelligence on it is poor – so Israel knows its chances against Iran are limited if it acts alone.

So instead of outright initial military success, Israel may well be banking on U.S. intervention when Iran retaliates, as it most assuredly will. From that point on anything can happen and what starts out as a regional clash could easily escalate into a global military conflict.

Here it should be noted that our psychic friend says the conflict will start “slowly, slowly” but escalate into something much, much bigger.

America and its western allies will probably all line up alongside Israel while Hezbollah, the Mahdi Army, Syria and a nuclear capable Pakistan will likely side with Iran.

So too will Russia, eventually, and we are reliably informed that ultimately China will also play a critical role; helping to turn what starts out as a limited regional clash into a global conflagration.

All of which should underline the fact that the Obama/Biden combination is no different from McCain/Palin or for that matter Bush/Cheney. Although the personalities and presentation may be different, they all follow the same agenda regardless. And no matter what the participants in this political puppet show may say, we may soon find ourselves in a global confrontation that could cost hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of lives.

Update – November 10, 2008

As if further evidence was needed that military action was a real prospect, word has been received from inside the armaments industry that largely confirms the above.

According to a reliable source: orders have recently been submitted by Britain’s Ministry of Defence for large quantities of airborne munitions. The only other occasions such large quantities have been ordered was prior to the 1990 Gulf War and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The orders are currently being completed and we leave readers to draw their own conclusions.

Update – April 24, 2009

New information suggests Israel planned launching a surprise air strike on Iran with the intention of taking out the greater part of its air force. According to Press TV, the Israelis aimed to take out large parts of the Iranian Air Force as it assembled for an air display near Tehran.

However, the plan fell through when the air show was cancelled at the last moment. Although the Iranians claimed this was due to “bad weather” there have been suggestions that Russia tipped off Iran after its spy satellites spotted an unusual amount of activity at Israeli air bases as preparations were made for the attack.

The Israeli attack was reportedly scheduled for April 17.

If true, it means our psychic friend was correct but the Israeli’s plan fell through. That being the case however, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try again.

As they say: stay tuned. Ed.

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