Has Fritz Springmeier Been Turned?

Fritz Springmeier, present, left, and past, right

The question is inspired by a recent post by Fritz which presents the Rothschilds  in a favorable light and contradicts his previous writing.  Springmeier has gone from exposing the Illuminati to disseminating their propaganda.
Fritz quotes Illuminati honcho William C Van Duyn as combating terrorism.  The Illuminati organizes and finances terrorism.

by Richard Evans — (henrymakow.com) May 8, 2014

Baron Jacob Rothschild. Click to enlarge

Fritz Springmeier claims on his website that he has contact with Jacob Rothschild whom he makes sound reasonable and sweet.
He writes:  This post shares some recent info discussed in communication between me & some Illuminati kingpins. We were all born with 2 ears & one mouth, suggesting that humans were designed to listen more than talk! There are two sides to a door, & two sides to a marriage. What did I learn when I communicated with these kingpins
The head of the Rothschild family today is a Baron. He requested that I simply call him Charles or Jacob. I hear he has been a peacemaker within his family. While he prefers not to be addressed with his title, even without the title, he has a longer name than most of us: Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild. When I asked him what we can do to bring accountability to our leaders he basically answered that “sadly…power corrupts”, and that “if you take a corrupt person in power & replace [him] with a fair & just person, sooner or later they also will become swallowed in corruption.” In other words, accountability is an ongoing issue that can’t be resolved once and for all. When asked what the Rothschild goals were for Israel, he said that neither he nor “my Family” involve themselves in Israeli politics. He also said, “Judaism is our religion, our belief, our life.” I understand this to mean, that while Israel is important to him & his family, he is not involved in running the nation.

I don’t trust Fritz Springmeier, especially since prison.   His best material was actually the knowledge of his Illuminati defector contact Cisco Wheeler.


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