White Trash

Rebel of Oz — Rebel News May 6, 2014

I don’t like it when people talk badly about Aborigines. They are obviously having it tough and are living a miserable life. They lost their language, culture, and the socio-economic basis of their existence. What happened to them is tragic, a horrific injustice. And worst of all, people obviously haven’t learned from past mistakes.  They are just about to do the same mistake all over again. Only this time, it’s white people who are getting extinct.
You can  see them everywhere: poor, borderline homeless white people, intoxicated, with tattoos all over their body and rings and pins not just through their ears, but their lips, noses, eye brows and God knows where. Non-White immigrants call them white trash and think they are much better. As far as they are concerned, the world would be a better place without us Whites.
The question those immigrants fail to ask though is what made white people become that way. It’s depression and loss of hope. White Australians are well on track of becoming the new aborigines, a ghostly, zombified shadow of the past. In the United States it is not much different. In more and more parts of the country, white people are now in the minority, and the rest of the country is heading that way.
The number of working age Americans without a job has risen by 27 million since 2000. Over the same period, the size of the population has grown by 36 million from 281 to 317 million, mostly through immigration. In other words, for every immigrant coming to the country, one American has lost his job. Any academic telling you otherwise is lying to keep his job.
Not only do white people have to compete with immigrants for jobs, while most blue collar jobs and many associated white collar jobs are being exported to slave labor countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines, they also have to compete with them for housing, education, health and public transport. In other words, the entire socio-economic existence of white people is under serious threat, and has been for 30-40 years. And you wonder, why so many of them can’t cope?
Non-white immigrant often complain about white people’s ‘racism ‘. Quite frankly, this is a ridiculous claim. I’ve lived in multicultural societies throughout my entire life, and have encountered far more racism directed towards white people, than the other way round. Most white people are at pains not to do or say anything that could be perceived as being racist, and it’s got nothing to do with how educated they are. They are just nice.
Most if not all ‘White racism’ is not directed against individual immigrants. It’s directed against immigration as a whole. Every ethnic or cultural group, not just Tibetans or Jews, has the right of self-preservation. Having your country being overrun by immigrants of other culture and ethnicity makes it pretty hard to preserve your own identity.
All those enthusiastic supporters of immigration should put their personal situation and family history aside and ask themselves objectively what immigration does to the original population. If they are unsure, maybe they should do some field study and ask the indigenous population of the Americas, Australia or Palestine. For them, immigration is a euphemism for genocide.
You only need to look at those areas where there are many immigrants of one particular ethnicity, for example mainland Chinese. Chances are that white boys growing up in that area will marry a Chinese girl. The off-spring from those relationships is going to be neither White nor Chinese. Both husband and wife are failing to preserve their ethnic identity.
Deep down in their hearts, those immigrants who ridicule and malign white people for opposing immigration do hate white people, even though they won’t admit it. They think that this world would be a better place without us. “Australia would be a great country without Australians. “ I have heard this sentence hundreds of times from immigrants talking amongst each other, obviously considering me to be one of them.
I always wonder what it is that makes them think the world would be a better place without us. Try getting a seat on a bus as a 8 months pregnant woman or a parent carrying a 2 year old child. In China, people will do everything to ignore you, pretend they are sleeping or stare at the smartphone. In most western countries they will fall over themselves to offer you a seat. Or try pushing a pram or carrying a heavy suitcase along the platform of a trainstation. In China, people will rush past you to make sure they catch the lift before you. In most western countries it will take only seconds until someone asks you whether you need help. White people are nicer, more considerate, courteous and empathetic than most other races. A world without us would be a terrible place.