How Can You Be in Ten Places at Once when you are Nowhere at All?

Three Card Monte is a simple game that’s based on deception and greed. No one comes down the sidewalk and wins at Three Card Monte unless they work for the people running the game. The point of that is to give the impression that winning is possible. This game has been going on for a long, long time and still, people are routinely sucked into it. This game is a simple street version of much more complex games that are run on the public every day. There’s the ‘disinfo game’. This is where you give people a certain amount of information and leave out other information which completely changes the meaning of the information they were given. Another is to rework the information or manufacture it. Another is to give the information a headline which is not reflected by the information in the text.

Information is key to understanding conditions and one’s place in the midst of them. People are made rich or ruined, live or die, each day according to possessing or not possessing the right information or for believing things that aren’t true. It’s like faulty highway signs… or missing highway signs. One of the key ingredients in this is whether the public, with any percentage of real or fabricated information is out to gain a personal profit from it, as in, “There’s one born every minute.” I’m not talking about survival here, that’s an acceptable motive… most of the time.

Let’s look at some big examples of this over the last decade. We’re told that Bin Laden planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks and then we’re given an exceedingly brief and mostly false resume on Bin Laden. We see where the one group of people who profited least from the event was the group Bin Laden represented. Then we see who it is, if we’re looking, that did profit from the event. These are the people dealing the cards. The shills that draw the suckers into the game are members of the press and those speaking for the people who are dealing the cards.

We’re told that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and model airplanes that could carry chemical weapons over the American landscape. An assault is launched on a sovereign nation without provocation and no weapons are found. Then we see, if we’re looking, that private companies connected to the administration, along with arms merchants, mercenaries and bankers are the people who profited. The game is exposed even by those shilling for the dealers; it’s that blatant and then… they move the table down the street and set up the same game about Iran and the same fools are lining up to put their money down.

We can apply this to the recent elections; the financial crisis, the Katrina affair and to just about anything that has happened for the last decade and beyond and it becomes glaringly apparent that criminals are in control of America and most of the governments of the world who operate with impunity because the public wants to be where they are or believes that the queen is wherever it looks like it is supposed to be or the pea is under the obvious shell.

How the public was groomed like a ten year old girl by a neighborhood pedophile is easily seen in the daily operations of the way information is presented and in the image of the culture as it is presented in the entertainment venues, the fashion industry and the advertising media to shape the general view about what is right and wrong; about what is desirable and beneficial. What happens is that the parents of the ten year old girl become willing assistants in the prostitution of their daughter and the next thing you know the whole family has a reality TV show.

The existence of a so-called Al Qaeda has been roundly debunked and discredited by the people who created it. High ranking members of the CIA have flat out stated that there is no actual Al Qaeda. It was created for the purpose of launching wars for corporate profit and for creating a climate for corporate rule which is known as fascism. This is why Bin Laden, who has been dead for years, can suddenly appear all over the map and how “high ranking members” of Al Qaeda can be killed on a weekly basis.

It’s all part of a plan but the full scope of that plan is not apparent to most people. Meanwhile something unexpected has been happening. I won’t go into what that is because it enters into the realm of metaphysics; an area as real as physics but not as readily available to the senses. One could learn a great deal by studying the nature of bandwidths, waves/rays… radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays. Once could learn a great deal looking into something like that. I’m going to give you a link as an example of things that may or may not be going on behind the scenes. I also want to point out that the attack on Syria is much more monumental than the people standing around the Three Card Monte table may imagine.

The point of the Syrian attack is to set the stage for a reaction by false flag operatives posing as Syrians or Iranians. This is to be accomplished by the actual bad guys who are the Israelis, the Americans and The British. A lot of people know about this and according to this article, that “may or may not be” completely accurate or comprehensive, there’s a lot going on behind the boarded up storefront behind the Three Card Monte game. It is a certainty that all kinds of shit is going to hit the fan shortly. There’s a power struggle going on now between two forces that want control of the table. Neither of these forces may have the general public’s best interests in mind but one of them is a great deal more evil than the other.

This Syrian incursion that killed mostly children didn’t have anything to do with stopping militants from crossing the border. It’s about hiding the missing queen who may not even be on the table. Another thing is that Israel is seriously pissed about the good things going on between Lebanon and Syria. You have to remember that it was the Mossad who killed Hariri according to French Intelligence and many other sources and you can find detailed follow-ups that lay it all out… if you want to look. The Syrians had to leave Lebanon and then Israel committed mass murder on Lebanon.

Now you’re going to get one of the prime architects of the 9/11 attack back in charge of Israel, Bennie Netan-yahoo. That can’t be good. But as I said… something’s going rogue in the mix. There’s no telling what’s likely to happen or who’s watching now. There’s no telling who’s going to cooperate or not in the chilling operations presently underway. It’s half, “Seven Days in May” and half “Dr. Strangelove”. The thing about ‘evil’ is that it doesn’t only contend with ‘good’; whatever that may be. It contends with itself as well.

I’m going to leave this as it is right now. I don’t want to say any more except to wish each and every one of you the best of fortune and safe location. When you see what isn’t real popping up all over the place when it was never there to begin with, just remember the nature of the game itself.

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Watch closely and remember… at no time does the hand leave the arm.

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