Ukrainian Goon Squads and Life Otherwise

Visible Origami — May 7, 2014

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The forces of discord and war are intensifying by the day. They believe their hour has come round at last and we are truly talking of rough and slouching beasts. They are a strange amalgam of Zionists, Satanists and materialists, drunk on the power of their perverse state of being. Both the Zionists and the Satanists, which are virtually indistinguishable from one another, have been on a time table for generations. They are on the verge of coming fully out into the open. Some of them already have. It is their desire and design to be the architects of an age of darkness. There is a surface perception of this that can be gleaned by those capable of making the necessary associations and there is the deeper meaning that is there for the seer and the sage to ponder.
It is most important to understand that the end result of the efforts and intentions of these creatures is madness. They move by degrees from outrage to outrage. Within their own compromised consciousness it all makes perfect sense for… like myself and some portion of the rest of you, they hear voices and these voices tell them what they want to hear, just as our voices tell us what we need to hear. Their world is not our world, nor can these worlds coexist without stress and fatality, unless one is at a far remove. One world has the tacit and encouraging permissions of the invisible and one is a usurping outrage against it.
In The Ukraine, the security forces backed away from the trade union building and the fascist scum then proceeded to Molotov the premises. They laughed and sneered saying, “We are roasting the Colorado cockroaches.” This was done under orders from Howdy Doody’s Zionist masters. There is no abomination they will not engage in. I’ll make no revisionism comment but merely point out a curious and amusing thing. Now ZATO sends legions of tanks to the eastern front. As their system dies around them, they press forward in a suicidal madness. Sooner or later, the magical Rubicon of this desperate hour will be crossed and a cosmic victorious hand will snatch their sure and certain defeat out of the jaws of ignorant hubris (did I just write that? Must have been someone else.)
It is fascinating to watch this all play out. The fascination turns morbid when one sees the general attention of the deceived masses, while most terrible things, shape the darkness into engines of death like Orc craftsmen, laboring in the subterranean foundries of Saruman. “We are the servants of Saruman the Wise, the White Hand: the Hand that gives us man’s-flesh to eat.” The Ukrainian Goon Squads are not unlike The Uruk Hai.
Someone was surprised that I had missed the proven, irrefutable fact that Howdy Doody’s wife is a man and that there’s a picture where you can see her (his?) penis through clothing; like maybe if you had bought those glasses that used to be available on the backs of comic books. I didn’t miss the story, I just doubt its credibility and still do. I guess anything’s possible so I’ve leave it there in the cold cases file. There’s a reason I don’t get into fake moon landings, Daddy Bush changing into a reptile, white ninjas or Israeli nukes causing the Fukushima tragedy; any of similar subjects. I’m not Wilcox, Fulford or Stone. I try to steer clear of the sensational. Howdy Doody’s birth certificate is another one.
If you want fantastic tales they are out there. It’s not like I am denying anyone access to any of them, nor am I stating here that these things are not true, because I don’t know, do I? So long as I don’t know I’ll leave the things that I don’t know in the I Don’t Know file. One might say that by the same token how do I know what I claim about the Zionists, 911 or anything else? I’d have to say that I don’t know very many things 100% but… and this goes in courts of law all over that land where there used to be law; a preponderance of circumstantial evidence is tantamount to guilt. In these and other cases, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.
It rained last night and so it’s a gray day here this morning. It seems that will be the case for the next few days. Times like these make me reflective, same as if I were sitting by my window watching the snow fall. Last night at the end of a warm and sunny day, I was sitting by the window in my friends house. We were having dinner and my attention was constantly called to look out the window. There’s a big cherry tree, an apple tree and a large pine. Several other trees can be seen in gaps between those mentioned. I could literally hear nature calling out to me. It might not have been me personally. Maybe it was to anyone who might have the awareness to pick up on it but… it was there. I meant to walk into the woods after but I didn’t. It was getting dark still… even so, I could have hung about on the perimeter and communed; had a chat or something. I did not do this. I think that might have been an error but not a grave one. I won’t do it again.
When you engage in attempts to communicate with ethereal beings of a high order and you are persistent about it, don’t be surprised if they show up at some point. I had been doing this. Of course, these beings are not going to show up for everyone. Your deepest being is an open book to them, so they know where you are coming from better than you do and they are existent here for far, far longer than the span of any human life. It is impossible to fool them and… should you get into a position where you feel you have done so, simply because you got some results, beware… you can put yourself in dreadful danger with that reasoning and outlook. It’s pointless in any case because sincere supplication will get results. Of course, if you are basically an ill drawn personality, that’s not going to appeal to you anyway. There are some who believe that stolen secrets are sweet. I am not in agreement with this. It’s one thing to learn how to do something, create something, but it is another thing entirely to control the results in the aftermath. This is one of the reasons we don ‘t get certain things until we are ready for them. Any enduring success that anyone may have in this world, of a certain kind, requires a commensurate level of self control. Focusing only on this, one could acquire abilities and conditions mostly unknown to those who have no interest in this sort of thing.
I said it wasn’t a grave error on my part, not going to the woods. Well… that is something one would know and I am also sitting at the same window now and the same thing is still happening. The stillness and peace here is fantastic. I had not anticipated the degree of work and expense that I would incur with this effort here. Yeah, I knew but… it wasn’t directly in front of me like it is now. A part of me thought it was a little cold to lay all of this on me when so many other options were, or could have been, available but I recognized, this morning, while I was reflecting, that I was given this mission because my handler thought me capable of it and because there would be some number of blessings involved in the doing, which I can’t see at the moment.
I use a variety of terms to label the one(s) responsible for me. I don’t find that any one of them covers the duties all the time. The first large hurdle of this project will be completed today. It’s the least attractive of them all. I guess that counts for something (grin). Step by step we go and that is the same for everyone no matter what they may be involved in; unless they are a total slacker and even then, they will be compelled to motor in some direction, sooner or later, even if it is only out of here. I bring up this consideration a lot because I consider it of primary importance. That is… our efforts and our words move with us through time and the aggregate of them amounts to something, somewhere, at some point and also at various points along the way. You would think this would occur to people. You would think a person would say to themselves, “You know what? I think I’m headed in the wrong direction.” Mysteriously, this is not the case most of the time. Sure… you hear about epiphanies and awakening, recoveries and acts of redemption but they are the exception, not the rule, not in these days. I know this because I observe as I go. It’s not a bad facility to be employing.
People look at dead objects as that which is worth having. You only have to travel in the congested shopping zones at congested locations to see this. Far, far more valuable are the qualities one can develop or have conferred upon one. There are dead objects everywhere. We live in a time of the tsunami of dead objects. You can get most of them for free if you know where to look. Sometimes used is even better than new because ‘used’ is evidence of functionality, or can be. I seldom buy anything new, unless it’s a tool of my trade. Yet… I note there are people who go shopping for no particular reason. If I’m in a store or on my way to a store, I’ve got a reason for it. There are many people who shop just to be shopping. It’s what they do. The idea of this horrifies me for several reasons, at least wherever it might apply to me being so engaged Like the song says, “different strokes for different folks”
The span of differential between all of us and either extreme of anything, is something to behold. I count my blessings and practice gratitude, as much for what I have as what I don’t have; for what I am and what I am not. Despite my character flaws, such as they may exist at any point in time, my objective is inflexibly direct, even when it’s diverted or shanghaied it is still direct; only in these cases it’s a matter of moving ‘directly through’. Just think of what a priceless blessing it is to be in search of the creator. I’m sure the immensity of it does not dawn on most people, until it dawns on them (grin). People actually get conflicted about whether this is an intelligent course or not; given so many of the other options and the various trade-offs and compromises one can get into. If you’re bright there is always the attraction to a leisurely life style. You probably think you’ll have all the time in the world to chase certain things at some point only, it don’t work like that.
Persistence is key. If you’re not capable of persistence, you might as well forget about it right now. This is why I hammer on about Faith, Certitude and Determination. These are the 3 qualities that Guru Bawa used to bring up all the time. Why? Because they are really, really important. Thinking about this has put me on the verge of tears for some reason.
I know… sometimes it seems that you are trying so very, very hard and you are getting nowhere; believe me, I know this one. Sometimes it feels like so much of what you do goes contrary to your best interests, or via weakness you get sucked into things you don’t feel good about after. Life can and does… often have this Sisyphean characteristic. For some of us, regret and remorse are so great that we have despaired of salvation or realization and ceased to ponder or pursue them. Obviously, those of us to whom this applies have not read about Milarepa or any number of Buddhas, sages and saints. Every master has a secret life of shame. Those I am referring to turned shit into gold. Everybody makes mistakes and in some cases, over and over again. The key factor here is to stop and replace that action with something similar but of a higher arc or… altogether different.
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Due to one of those oversights that happen now and then, this last weekends radio broadcast is not up. I have hopes it will find it’s way to being accessible some time today and when it does, we will link it here and in the comments.


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