Voice of the White House October 24, 2008

“The recent story, extensively suppressed, is the one about the Iranian ship apprehended by Somali pirates last August, en route via the Suez Canal, to Israeli ports. This ship, packed full of radioactive waste hidden in lead-lined cargo containers, was taken over by the U.S. Navy and a curtain of silence has descended. It was disclosed at the time that the radioactive waste was put on the ship in Nanjing, a Chinese port, and that the waste came from several Chinese nuclear energy facilities. No one has questioned the accuracy of this so the question remains as to why our government has not publicly chastised the Chinese for contributing to what was obviously meant to be a terrorist attack by Iran on Israel? Also, there has been uncharacteristic silence from Israel itself. Always eager to shout to the world the perfidy of Iran, Israel is now as quiet as Washington on this subject. Neither Iran, who planned the operation, nor China who supplied the deadly cargo, have heard even a word in print in condemnation of their actions. The Chinese, of course, hold huge amounts of U.S. Treasury debt and have privately threatened to dump this if they are annoyed by American, either by the Tibet problems or other matters, such as the atomic waste one. For all of its bluster and conniving, the Bush people are basic cowards. They can’t threaten anyone, either China or an increasingly active Putin, with military action because the Bush people have ruined our military and are now losing very heavily in Afghanistan and Iraq. And with the elections imminent, the frantic Republicans are doing everything they can to keep these disasters, and potential disasters, as far away from the American voters as they possibly can. While they aren’t happy about it, they would rather the mindless American media yap about Sarah Palin’s $150,000 new dress bills and keep as far away from really serious international issues such as the Iranian dirty bomb ship or Chinese collusion in it.”

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