Aurora, Colorado Shooter Linked to MK-Ultra Expert — May 5, 2014

On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. The sole suspect, James Eagan Holmes, was arrested outside the cinema minutes later.
There are 350,000,000 people in the US, and who is James Holmes linked to but Stewart Brand’s partner David Eagleman, both men associated with MK Ultra mind control and brainwashing. What are the chances?

by David Livingstone — Aurora Shooting & MK-Ultra

Consider how all this ties together: Stewart Brand is a board member of the Long Now Foundation, along with David Eagleman, who worked with James Eagan Holmes, the infamous orange-haired Colorado shooter.

Brand, left, was a key agent of MK-Ultra, who downplayed concerns that the Cybernetics Group’s plan of developing the “personal computer” was aimed at creating Big Brother, by marketing it as a tool to empower the masses.
Eagleman, for his part, is now carrying on the legacy, having recently written Why The Net Matters: How the Internet Will Save Civilization, which Brand referred to as a “breakthrough work.”
But, contrary to media depictions of him, Holmes was an extremely brilliant young man, before something went horribly wrong, after he became interested in studying neuroscience, a field closely associated with mind control.
In the video above, Holmes summarizes the work he did at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif., where he attended the eight-week summer camp when he was eighteen. This is where David Eagleman used to work. Holmes focused on the study of Reversal of Temporal Order Judgment, a subject which Eagleman specializes in.
Who is David Eagleman? He is a neuro-scientist and writer at Baylor College of Medicine. He is a Guggenheim Fellow, a council member in the World Economic Forum, and a New York Times bestselling author published in 27 languages. Eagleman has written for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Discover, Slate, The Atlantic, Wired, and been profiled on television programs as The Colbert Report and on the scientific program Nova Science Now. Stewart Brand wrote that “David Eagleman may be the best combination of scientist and fiction-writer alive.”[1]
Eagleman is particularly interested in people’s subjective interpretations of reality. His leitmotif seems to be to prove that virtual reality, subjective reality and reality are the same thing.  For example, numerous experimental findings suggest that people’s perception of time can be manipulated by repeated exposure to non-simultaneous stimuli. In an experiment conducted by Eagleman, a temporal order judgment reversal was induced in subjects by exposing them to delayed motor consequences. Eagleman writes that his long-range goal is “to understand how neural signals processed by different brain regions come together for a temporally unified picture of the world.”[2]


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