This Election is Too Important to Allow for Oversight

That is what certain election officials are saying according to this article. It says that “Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” Ponder that sentence my friends. Turn it around and inspect it. The article also says that the new Associated Press poll from the greater Zionist media lockdown now shows the election to be a dead heat. Their reasons for this are as shabby as their conduct.

No, the Zionistas probably do not want Obama to win because he’s not as likely to be a dumbshit lap dog for their murderous intentions which have been amply demonstrated on 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the shrill and nasty cries to bomb Iran; a country that hasn’t attacked another country in eight hundred years. He’s probably not going to be as easy to manipulate as McCheeks and Palindrone. He’s certainly not the scabrous psychopath that Yellow-Streak George the Drunken Fool is. Is he bought and paid for? Probably not entirely… I don’t think he’s gotten the bad news yet. That will most likely come after the election if he wins which is no sure thing at the moment, given what the neo-cons are up to.

As I am looking at this thing shape up, here is how it looks to me. Some mere days before the election there’s going to be an event designed to close the gap between Obama and McCain. They need to close it. It’s too wide for what they pulled the last several times. Whatever happens, Bush will then declare martial law and the election and the election results will remain in doubt and not be cleared up for some time. This seems to be the likely scenario. I’m not rooting for anything like this; it’s just how it looks to me. Now, I’m not Nostradamus. He had a beard as I remember and I don’t. So what I’m saying is that something like this looks like a high percentage given. So wherever you are, if something doesn’t look or feel right, be on your way

The incredible hubris of the swine at the helm and the swine in the financial theater is testimony to the fact that they think they can do anything they want. They’re compromised your basic rights in a systematic gang rape and now they’re looting the country. They caused this and now you’re going to pay them for the unreal money they lost with your real money.

Let me get back to that phrase… “are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard the like. I can’t imagine what others must make of it. It seems to me that they are saying that if some sort of oversight is instituted they won’t be able to get the results they are after. I think it goes without saying that these people, whoever they are, should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Their homes and vehicles should be taken from them and they should be marked in some way so that people can see them coming once they get the tar and feathers gone and attempt to go right back to what they were doing before.

These people are something different than you and I. I’m not sure what to make of them. They aren’t human. What are they? They seem to be some kind of mythic creature, half pig, half alligator and half shit Gollum. Yeah, I know, I do creative math.

It’s clear they’re going to try to steal this election. Right now I can’t see how they might accomplish that except through some permutation of what I presented earlier. Even then, I don’t think the American public is going to go for it, not after the 850 billion dollar theft. It certainly looks like the Republicans are going to lose a lot of seats in both houses and if the Democrats get 60 in the Senate, which they might, if the votes get counted …well, that would not be something the neo-cons would like at all. I’m sincerely hoping that poisonous, viper Nancy Pelosi gets tossed out. I know she’s supposed to be a Democrat but you can take my word for it, she’s a neo-con.

You have my sympathies, all of you who are resident there among the purple mountain’s travesties above the looted plains. I’ve told you this before and I’m going to tell you again. You don’t have the guns and the organization to take back your country by force but there is a way to do it. Don’t go to work and don’t buy anything except food. Gather with your neighbors in communities across the land and congregate in public places as a statement that you’ve had it and that’s it. Justice gets done, your rights get returned, the criminal suits get thrown in jail or everything stops and stays stopped. This you can do and this will work.

Tell me people, do you really have a choice? Day by day your situation becomes graver and day by day you contribute to the machinery that is causing it. When Barclay’s and AIG can spend between half a million and three quarters of a million to get their porcine frames stuffed and stroked after your leaders bailed them out it should tell you what contempt they hold you in. No one should be returned to office who voted for this and since hardly any Republicans under any circumstances should be returned to office at all you may have to get creative. If millions of you decide to write in Donald Duck or Snoopy that’s got to make some kind of a point.

Now, I know and you know that Bush’s numbers are probably closer to ten percent than what they give him. Congress is near zero. However, as long as you are content with bread and circuses and don’t mind seeing your fellows go down one by one; and don’t see that sooner or later you are going to be next, well then, I’m not sure what help there is for you.

All over the country and especially in battleground and bell-weather states, voting machines are doing very strange things. How can this be happening after all this time if it isn’t the result of people causing it to happen? There isn’t any other answer for this. You don’t count. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter what you think or what happens to you. That’s how it is.

I’ll say it again… don’t go to work. Don’t buy anything but food and congregate in public places to show your displeasure. One brigade of soldiers and all the police in the country can’t do anything about this. You will effectively shut it down. This kind of a revolution will stop them in their tracks. There are not enough FEMA camps. There are not enough enforcers and, for the moment, there’s no law that says you have to go to work or buy things or that you can’t congregate in public places. That’s why they call them ‘public places’.

Even the dumbest of you, who seem to increase in number every year, should know by now what’s going on. It really comes down to how much you can be squeezed before you do something. You’re in a strange kind of disconnect. Your world is crashing down around you and you’re hoping you get to go to Las Vegas or Disneyland next month. You just want to grab a beer and sit on the couch and watch the World Series or… something darker perhaps? “How about those Rays, hey?”

One more time with feeling… ““Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” Well, there you are. There you are. I’m going to Rome for a few days but someone will post your comments and maybe I’ll find an internet café while I’m gadding about. The clock is ticking, people. The clock is ticking.

I’m on the radio this Sunday so tune in if you’re of a mind.



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