Attacks Against Iraq’s Christians

A mere few weeks before the elections in the US where a Democratic candidate with a Muslim-sounding name is running neck-to-neck against the Republican ‘God Squad’ of McCain/Palin (dedicated to continuing the crusade against the Islamic world for Israel’s benefit) a series of violent attacks against the Christian community in Iraq has ‘popped up’ out of seemingly nowhere.

Beginning in early October, a surge in the number of kidnappings, killings and fire-bombings of Christians and their property has taken place in the northwestern area of Iraq known as Mosul. At present, close to a dozen Christians have been killed and as many as 10,000 have fled in an exodus not unlike what took place in 1948 when Palestinians (Christian and Muslim alike) were forced to flee for their lives after entire villages such as Deir Yassin were ‘wiped off the map’ by invading hordes of Jewish cutthroats whose barbarity included (as unimaginable as it seems) gashing open the stomachs and wombs of pregnant Arab women, ripping out their unborn children and leaving their dead, rotting bodies in full view for all to see.

In the case of Mosul, one of Iraq’s largest cities and home to Arab Christians for the last 1,800 years, the sudden explosion of violence begs certain questions, not the least of which is whether this is a maneuver on the part of Israel and the US to affect certain pre-planned political outcomes. The fact it is taking place a mere few weeks before the US presidential elections (in addition to it being covered on a daily basis now by a Zionist media in America that has never blushed away from exposing its unabashed hatred for all things Christian) means it cannot be just happenstance. Like images broadcast in the hours and days following 9/11 (such as the beams from the Twin Towers that fell in such a way as to resemble a crucifix as well as the daily barrage of Koran misquotes and misrepresentations) clearly it is all meant to propagandize American Christians into throwing their political weight behind the war, and more importantly, behind the obvious pro-war candidate, John McCain. The words of one Father Gabriele Tooma, Christian priest dealing with the refugee crisis in Iraq, points to the likelihood that indeed these attacks are part of a well-coordinated plan on the part of Israel and the US when he referred to these latest developments as ‘politicians’ games’.

Naturally, the rise in violence has been blamed on–surprise, surprise–‘Al Qaeda’, the CIA/Mossad-created and controlled Muslim boogeyman that always arrives right in the knick of time to cause some kind of trouble whenever such trouble is desperately needed. In effect, this latest violence against Iraq’s Christians is no different in its composition from the Bin Laden video tapes that ‘pop up’ instantaneously at politically-expedient times and somehow wind up in the hands of the Mossad-connected group SITE run by Rita Katz, former IDF intelligence officer and daughter of an executed Zionist spy.

As tragic as it is, the fact is nevertheless that the Muslim peoples of Iraq and elsewhere have perfect reason to see Christians as the enemy these days. George Bush, reading from scripts prepared for him by Jewish handlers such as David Wurmser, Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz and others made sure to use the word ‘crusade’ in his speeches immediately following 9/11, something that was sure to cause a visceral reaction in the minds of Muslims worldwide who remember what took place nearly a millennium before when Christians–driven by their greed and irrational religious fervor, invaded the Holy Land and in some instances killed everyone, man woman and child, Christian and Muslim alike. More than this though, the fact that the invading nations having destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, turning them into a cauldron of desolation and death (1,000,000 +) are ‘Christian’ in their orientation means the average Muslim in either country has little reason to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Christians being used in the service of Jewish interests in the area.

Of equal tragedy though is the fact that prior to the Israeli-engineered 2003 invasion of Iraq by the US, Iraq had one of the highest Christian populations in the Middle East, numbering close to 1,000,000 people and was the model country in terms of Islamic/Christian peaceful co-existence. Besides being safe in their persons and homes amongst their Muslim neighbors, Iraq’s Christians enjoyed complete religious freedom and did not suffer any political liabilities as a result of their faith in Jesus Christ as evidenced by the fact that Saddam Hussein’s right hand man–Foreign Minister Tarik Aziz–was a Christian. Perhaps owing to Islam’s deep reverence and love for Jesus or owing to the tradition of peaceful co-existence set down in the Treaty of Jerusalem of 636, when Caliph Omar promised the Christian community of Jerusalem ‘safe conduct for their persons, property, their churches, their healthy and their sick’ and vowing their churches ‘shall neither be used by us as dwellings nor destroyed, and no constraint shall be exercised among them in religion nor shall any harm be done to any of them’ placing his promise ‘under the surety of God’ the fact is that Christians and Muslims lived in harmony with each other in Iraq better than anywhere, one of the reasons Israel demanded Iraq’s destruction. In an age when the agenda is to paint Muslims as backwards, intolerant and violent jihadists unable to live with persons of other faiths, the obvious contradiction to this stereotype had to be destroyed.

Amazingly, during this very same period where all at once an unabashedly anti-Christian Zionist media has suddenly taken to heart the sufferings of Iraqi Christians and is reporting on their plight, in India a tidal wave of violence and persecution has been taking place with absolutely no coverage, either by the mainstream media or by loudmouth Christian Zionist false prophets such as John Hagee, Pat Robertson or others. In the last two months, hundreds of Christians in the Indian state of Orissa have been forced to renounce their religion and join Hinduism after axe-and-sword wielding lynch mobs made them the ultimate offer they could not refuse–CONVERT OR DIE. In the two-month period, 59 Christians have been killed, 50,000 have been made homeless and thousands of houses and churches have been burned to the ground. Among the more vicious acts taking place, a young Hindu woman working in a Christian orphanage was burnt alive and a nun gang-raped. The “conversion” ceremony forced upon the Christians includes being forced to eat a mixture of cow dung and urine mixed with milk and curd.

Nevertheless, despite the horrendous nature of what has taken place and in an age where religious extremism gets front page news, barely a mention (if any) of these events has been made by the Zionist media in America, and for obvious reasons–India has close ties both with Israel and the US as well as the fact that the anti-Christian persecution in question is Hindu in nature rather than Islamic. Also not reported is the fact that India’s large Muslim community protested loudly against the Indian government’s refusal to protect the Christians as well as the fact that those left homeless and destitute by Hindu jihadists found refuge and food amongst their Muslim neighbors, putting at risk their own lives, liberty and pursut of happiness.

More important than the persecution taking place in India though is what is taking place in Israel, the beneficiaries of 15 million dollars a day of American taxpayer money as well as all the gallons of American blood spilled in fighting Israel’s wars against the Islamic world. With increasing frequency, Christians in Israel have become the target of Jewish persecution not limited to merely te typical unkind words or vulgar gestures that is daily fare in a Western media owned by Jewish interests. As recently reported by American Free Press newspaper, Jews in Israel–emboldened by the fact that (in the words of war criminal Ariel Sharon) they ‘control America, and the Americans know it’ have dropped all pretenses of any and all philial piety towards Christians living in the Jewish state. Driven by their institutionalized, visceral and organic hatred of Jesus (whom they mockingly call ‘Yoshke’, meaning ‘the village idiot’) spitting, curses and vandalism to Christians and their property is now a daily occurrence in the Jewish state. Christian religious leaders are commonly beaten up by Yeshiva students while rabbis, police and IDF stand idly by and do nothing. Recently, hundreds of copies of the New Testament were doused with gasoline and burned in a synagogue parking lot under orders of the town mayor in an act reminiscent of the infamous Nazi book burnings all have heard so much about these last 60 years. In another event barely discussed, an attempted bombing of a Christian church packed with worshippers by Jewish terrorists was thwarted only because the bomb failed to detonate effectively. A young boy whose family converted to from Judaism to Christianity had a mail bomb sent by Jewish terrorists explode in his hands, almost killing him and maiming him for life. A Christian church in Nazareth–the very hometown of Jesus Christ Himself–was firebombed by Orthodox Jews. Interestingly, it was the Muslims in the area who rushed to put out the flames as Jewish hecklers stood by, throwing stones at and taunting those trying to save the Christian edifice. In the West Bank town of Tel Rumedah, Christian humanitarian workers were assaulted by a large group of Orthodox Jews, where one worker had her head split open by a bottle-wielding Jew as the crowd–in something reminiscent of the mob who condemned Jesus of Nazareth to death–shouted ‘We killed Jesus and we’ll kill you too.’ Many more similar instances abound, and yet no mention of them in America or anywhere else, either in the churches, news or halls of Congress.

Nevertheless, gullible American Christians under the sway of false prophets such as John Hagee, Pat Robertson and a growing list of others will continue to pour into Israel by the tens of thousands every year and continue to have their collective political power harnessed for Jewish interests under the guise that ‘Ahab the Arab’ is out to get them. Sadly–if past history is any indicator–most (if not all) Christians in America will run with the bait offered them by these latest developments involving the Christians in Iraq (which they knew nothing about previously) and will see in it validation–not only for America’s invasion and destruction of Iraq, a country that never posed any danger to the US, but as well as America’s continuing presence there and in the wider region, piously justifying it with the idea that their fellow Christians in the area need help.

Will the Christians of America and the West ever come to realize the obvious, that the war between them and the Islamic world is an artificial entity created for the purpose of Israel benefiting from their mutual destruction? The sad answer is that most likely they will, but not before the damage is terminal, irreversible and complete, if indeed it is not already. Like the natural-born bank robbers of the Old Testament who stole all the gold and silver of Egypt before fleeing to the ‘Promised land’, today’s Zionist bandits have done the same with the Christian West–not only in terms of economics, but as well politically, culturally, morally and every other way possible. Indeed, one day the Christian world will look upon all their ruination and despoilment and realize that it was Jewish interests that gobbled them and their civilization up like the locusts of Moses’ day, and with unbearable shame realize that none of it would have taken place but for the willful stupidity of the victims themselves.