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Wall st, the earthly centre of the market meltdownIt’s an old story: one that has been repeated many times but the greater part of humanity still hasn’t learned. But the lesson is a simple one and until we learn it we will carry on repeating the same old mistakes.

For the Illuminati have a history of creating problems, or allowing them to develop to the stage where people demand, “something must be done”! At which point the Illuminati then step forward with an answer. A solution that formerly might have been unacceptable had it not been needed for a problem requiring remedy so urgently.

It’s the old Problem-reaction-solution ruse that has been used throughout history.

It was used as far back as ancient Rome, when Crassus used a slave’s revolt to do away with the old republic and its attendant freedoms.

Through the threat of rebellious slaves marching on Rome, Crassus persuaded the Romans into trading their old republic for imperial rule and that’s where a good idea went wrong.

For although Crassus never became emperor, in time some emperors became tyrants, as opposed to individuals who were temporarily appointed with dictatorial powers to deal with a crisis: as was originally intended.

Nonetheless nearly two thousand years later, President Roosevelt played a similar trick when he lured the Japanese into attacking the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbour. As Michael Rivero and James Perloff have pointed out, U.S. naval intelligence was fully aware that the Japanese navy were steaming toward Pearl Harbour but failed to inform the U.S. fleet anchored there.

On November 29th the then U.S. Secretary of State Hull even showed a United Press reporter an intercepted message with the time and place of the attack – that’s more than a week before the Japanese actually struck on Sunday December 7, 1941!

Once the Japanese attacked however, President Roosevelt had the pretext he needed to enter WWII with the Allies.

Still this old trick needn’t be confined to military matters. It can be used in the realm of economics, high finance and politics too. The essential ingredients are public gullibility and complacency enhanced nowadays by a compliant and obliging media.

Armed with such elements anything is possible.

All of which brings us to the current global market meltdown.

Some have expressed doubts about the current economic crisis and a few readers have even voiced suspicions that the credit crunch has been staged but to whose benefit?

That is the question to ask whenever one is confronted by what maybe a conspiracy. Who will benefit and exactly how and in what way will they profit?

After all the payback may not necessarily be financial, although whoever fixes the problem will be hailed as a saviour delivering the world from an economic catastrophe.

Regardless of one’s faith however, its appropriate here to recall what various religions taught would feature around now.

Christians speak of the “End Times” and the appearance of false prophets and the anti-Christ. While Islam teaches that a similar figure will appear: the ad-Dajjâl or deceiver was predicted to lure men into his thrall with a combination of guile and diabolical cunning.

While Christian esoteric researcher and teacher Rudolph Steiner taught that a figure known to the ancient Zoroastrians as the epitome of evil would incarnate toward the end of the 20th century.

Ahriman's head sculpted by SteinerReferred to as Ahriman, Steiner taught that he would likely appear in North America and that others would incarnate before him to assist his passage to prominence.

Spiritually developed men undermine Ahriman’s power and thus he seeks to entrap mankind in a purely physical realm. Impeding man’s spiritual evolution with greed as embodied in the “consumer society”, or more subtle intellectual enticements as may be found in the confines of scientific materialism.

While the ancient Zoroastrians knew him as Ahriman, Steiner said he would probably be more readily recognised today as Satan. They are in fact one and the same and it should be noted, quite distinct from Lucifer, an entirely different entity.

Like Muslim scholars, Steiner taught that Ahriman/ad-Dajjâl/the anti-Christ would incarnate as a man and appear all too human. His incarnation would be in counterpoint to Christ’s and while some lessons are harder than others, he would deliver a very hard lesson to humanity.

Speaking in terms that modern men might better grasp, Rudolph Steiner (1862-1925) taught that although apparently human, Ahriman/ad-Dajjâl/the anti-Christ would display a cold penetrating logic and likely excel at economics or science.

We may even conclude that in the modern world he might be found somewhere in computers or banking or even space exploration. Either way he will stand out in his field.

Which is where the current economic crisis presents the perfect opportunity for him to step onto the world stage and be greeted, initially at least, as a saviour.

One might even say that the current economic crisis was a set-up; staged like a theatre piece for this character to appear as a redeemer, rescuing the world from impending market meltdown.

From this elevated point and buoyed by public acclaim after contending with the global economic crisis, he would only be few steps away from taking command in a looming confrontation with Iran.

From which point all hell will break loose and this apparent “saviour” will be seen in his true element. Taking command in a global conflagration in which hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of lives will be consumed.

Those potential billions would be little more than innocent victims in his quest for dominion: sacrificial offerings in a real holocaust that would consume Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

Stay tuned because this scenario may be about to unfold before our very eyes. In fact there is every indication that events will begin moving within the foreseeable future.

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