Fever at the Top

In its own way it rivals the very worst excesses of ancient Rome. But beyond being an indication of moral decay it also reveals the true nature of Britain’s political elite.

By day Dougie Smith is a senior co-ordinator of a Conservative party think tank whose members include Theresa May, chairman of Britain’s foremost opposition party.

By night however, Smith runs Fever Parties, a London-based organisation that hosts what it describes as “five star” sex parties: in plain language sex orgies for the elite.

Yesterday Smith confirmed that for five years he has been bringing together rich and fashionable London professionals for sex parties in expensive town houses and country mansions. The parties, attended by up to 50 couples at a time, carry on until dawn, with participants swapping partners and taking part in unusual combinations.

According to guests who have attended, the parties start with drinks and canapes served by waiters in a candlelit lounge. Thereafter partygoers wander off to adjoining rooms furnished with enormous beds.

While Smith has previously acted as an adviser to several senior political figures, including the late Sir James Goldsmith, the parties he organises have been described by Elle magazine as “the parties of choice for the hip swinger around town”(1) and “Absolutely mind blowing” by Arena magazine(2). And as one might expect from the elite owned mainstream each magazine portrayed the events as “adventurous” and “daring”.

Fever parties are held every few months, mainly in the smarter areas of London, although the organisation has held events in an 18th-century country mansion.

According to Fever’s website, potential party-goers must supply a photograph and a CV, which Smith and his colleagues then check and if approved each couple is then charged £50 to attend, although Smith says that the ultimate aim is not profit. “Generally we get between 200 and 400 applications for each party”, he says. “We choose people who are good at partying, who want to come because they are kinky, not desperate.”

A journalist who attended a Fever party on behalf of Arena, the men’s lifestyle magazine, said: “As I stood admiring the sight of undulating prime UK flesh that was even more spectacular than I had imagined, it suddenly struck me that nobody was going to believe any of it. But it’s all true.”

He added: “The sight of the huge bed in the main room in full swing — so to speak — with about 30 people in or around it and several couples watching from the sides is staggering.”

According to London’s Sunday Times, Emma Jeynes, a 27-year-old marketing director with a company that produces events for Buckingham Palace, has attended two Fever parties.

She told the paper: “Before going I was apprehensive; would I like the people? Would we have anything in common? Would the place be clean? But I had nothing to worry about. The couples are friendly, attractive and easy to talk to.”

Once approved there are only two rules for participants. According to Fever’s website: couples who have rows during parties will be ejected while red wine is banned because “it always ends up on the hosts’ carpets”.

The fact that the man behind all this not only hosts sex orgies but also convenes committees for Britain’s foremost opposition party, is a measure of how debauched and decadent English society has become. Moreover, in the view of this writer it is also a very useful way to acquire information for political blackmail.

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