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Abdul Basit Igtet, with wife Sara Bronfman and daughter. Sara is daughter of Edgar Bronfman, former head of the World Jewish Congress. Click to enlarge

Illuminati Jews brazenly plan to replace Gaddafi with one of their own. This is the NWO royalty – Jewish billionaires. NATO which removed Ghaddafi is their private army. Their rapacity, also seen in Syria and now in Ukraine, raises the specter of world war.

Joanne Moriarty — henrymakow.com April 4, 2014

Abdul Basit Igtet, a Zionist puppet, is being imposed on the Libyan people as their savior. Last month, he announced his candidacy to become President of Libya.
The illegal NATO war against Libya has left it in shambles. There is no government. The puppets put in place by the CIA and German intelligence, Ali Zeidan and Mohammed Magarief, have absconded with billions of dollars, leaving behind Al Qaeda mercenaries to control the country by terror. No oil is being pumped; there are no government services; people fly in and out of Tripoli without passport or visa control.

Ignet gets Liebermans blessing. Click to enlarge

Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist Muslim groups have made themselves at home. They have 11 so-called “campuses” where they train and arm Al Qaeda fighters to perpetrate acts of terror against sovereign nations. These groups now control one of the richest countries in the world. This dangerous and unbelievable outcome can be directly blamed on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
The people of Libya have little hope.  Of 5.5 million Libyans, .5 million were killed, two million are in exile, one million are homeless inside, and two million are struggling to survive.  THIS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE ILLEGAL WAR AND OCCUPATION BY THE ZIONISTS AND NEW WORLD ORDER CRIMINALS.
The Zionist plan now unfolds in the form of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” named Abdul Basit Igtet, who is being poortrayed as the one who will restore peace and security. Having put the Libyan people in a situation where most of them have lost loved ones, have no homes and no hope, the Zionists believe that they can force the people Libya to accept this puppet as their leader.


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