The Transiting Conditions of the Inner and Outer Sun

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 4, 2014

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Brrrr… last few days here it’s been around 4 degrees Celsius. I am sleeping in an icebox. Of course I have my comforters so, once in the bed I’m warm, save for those cold fingers that sneak in around those spots where the blanket is not tight against my neck. It’s the getting up in the middle of the night and the rising in the AM that takes a stalwart and stoic mindset. A couple of decades ago (more or less but actually a little less) I stayed in a camper that my friend loaned me for the duration of my visit to Woodstock. It was running around the same temperature then and at about the same time of year, more or less. Actually it was more by a couple of weeks. I wound up coming down with pneumonia, after I arrived in Virginia to visit old friends. That was a strange event. I’d never had pneumonia so it wasn’t anything like what I would have expected. I had tremendous pain in my lower back. My friend Douglas (Brit Hume’s brother), had a small bottle of morphine pills and that took care of the pain, for a little while. Then the morphine ran out and off I went to the hospital to see what was wrong. They told me I had pneumonia. I asked them what happened to the Old Monia but… they were a taciturn lot. Anyway… they cleared it right up. I don’t expect a repeat performance but these things come to your mind when present conditions mirror former conditions and… well… that is often how memory works. It is triggered by similarity and association.
The sun is bright today, however …and promising warmth toward mid day. The air is cold. You might say, ‘it is a wind out of the east’, though there is no wind. Occasionally some breath of it comes out of the surrounding woods and then it can be accurately called a cold wind out of the east. Russia and the Ukraine are off in that direction.
They burned people alive in that government building in Odessa recently. I suppose I should think about that when I am concerned about the cold. This is the kind of state of mind I seek to cultivate whenever I think about how the ineffable could have sent me off to Hawaii, the Canary Islands or The Maldives as well as put me here (grin); could have provided any number of places where some serious amount of work did not need to be made. In such circumstances one could think to themselves, “Jesus! Lighten up already!” Then- but not always- I think about the people in so many places who are up against it; people who don’t have anyone to rely on because they don’t even believe in things like that or… people caught in dramatic environmental, social and political uproars. It’s all subjective. Ergo… I am of the ‘count your blessings’ sort. It is most often when I go to my bed at night or upon awakening in the morning when I feel those spontaneous upwellings of gratitude. They come out of nowhere but… that wouldn’t be right, would it? Everything comes out of somewhere, just like the cold air from the forest AND… since I’ve been sitting here, the temperature has climbed to 10 degrees, or so my visible friend just announced.
I suppose I was trying to say something in those recent paragraphs. I often have a problem coming right out and saying something directly because you can’t say some things directly. There’s so much more dancing in the atmosphere prior to your statements and I need to furnish the room meant to be occupied by those reached; should that occur.
This morning I was greeted by a picture of the Obama consort. Is it just me or does she really come across as evil, mean and nasty, as well as arrogant and imperialistic much of the time? Most every time I see her face it brings to mind one of these characteristics. She got sent away from a school speaking gig not long ago AND… yesterday, the blood starved weasel, Condolezzie Rice was compelled to demur due to student protests at Rutgers where, for 35 grand she would talk bullshit and get an honorary degree; most likely from the Dr. Mengele Wing of the university. Apparently the Iraqi War is not sitting well with the younger set. In her defense, the lizard lady said; “I am honored to have served my country. I have defended America’s belief in free speech and the exchange of ideas. These values are essential to the health of our democracy.” I admit to being puzzled by the attempt to associate free speech and the exchange of ideas with the assault upon Iraq. I am at a loss as to how this can be relevant in any way.
Rice is guilty of capital murder to an exceptional degree. She and all of her neo-con associates are bound for the gallows in this life or another, bound for numerous appearances through their allegiance to The Wolfowitz Doctrine. History and reincarnation will not be kind to any of these creatures and that is in the short term as well. There’s no telling how the ineffable and Mr. Apocalypse intend to honor these miscreants but they shall… oh yes, precious, they shall.
Bush has taken that road often taken by serial killers. He’s become a painter with pretensions of becoming an artiste. No doubt, one day, his work will hang alongside that of John Wayne Gacy, though Gacy killed nowhere near the people that Bush did and gruesome as his crimes were, they did not approach the level of mendacious cruelty exhibited by Bush and ilk. Let us hope that Bush’s work meets the same fate as Gacy’s. As his father stated with such prescience; “If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down in the streets and lynch us.” This made me think of a recent anecdote about Bill Clinton; aliens indeed. Certainly, in these times we are dealing with aliens under the skin. A human being is defined by their words and actions and also exposed as being something other than, according to the same standard. The terrific irony that is afoot in these times is truly a marvel. Pray tell what is so ‘secret’ about something like this? Irony is piled upon irony, so that the irony at the bottom is crushed by the weight of the irony above; that is the nature of charitable souls like Bono and ilk. How do they justify this to themselves? In some cases it is a combination of fake celebrity in concert with fake charities. That is truly impressive!
Where is all of this bottom feeder action leading (besides through the gates of The Pit)? How is it that celebrities of every stripe, politicians and religious leaders are everywhere to be seen, bookended between obnoxious and venal, in the Encyclopedia of Real Life? I cannot stress enough; THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Millions upon millions are living at the cusp of desperation, their beings racked to the root by uncertainty and fear. These are times of intense tribulation, unseen by so many, for the most part because the media does not report upon the wider scope of it and in so many of the lives of the more fortunate, their attention is partitioned off from the reality of the lives of those less fortunate. None of this is by accident.
A person’s mind can work in one of two major ways. One can believe that there is a destiny that shapes our ends, or one can believe that life is any number of mysterious variants in a composition of the random and happenstance. You can find most of humanity on a sliding scale of degrees of intensity in either of these directions and you can find their predisposition for either, based on the extent to which free will (or their understanding of it) enters into the mix. You’re either tooling along under the presumption of your own power, or you’re convinced to a greater or lesser extent that it’s not all about you. A lot of this depends on the tenor of the times, because the majority of people are mostly informed as to the meaning of reality, according to how that is defined by the times in which they live. In times of material darkness, you get a majority of personal philosophies, based upon material attractions and concerns. So it is that you get celebrities and politicians and religious leaders, behaving in the most preposterous and embarrassing ways, so as to appear full on bat shit insane to those of us in possession of any amount of Broad Daylight Awareness.
Because these are times in which lies are the actual currency of what people believe, we find that those who are the most successful among us are the most skillful of liars. In many cases they are really bad liars but the level of awareness of the people they are appealing to is abysmally low. Notable economists are, as a rule, completely full of shit. Professionals in nearly all areas of endeavor are mostly full of shit. Academics of every stripe are far less concerned about the results of their research, in terms of improving human life, than they are about how it’s going to reflect on their income and celebrity. This is so glaringly evident that it almost goes without saying. In fact, if you are not a liar, promoting whatever lies are desired by those upon whom your success depends, you will have no success. You will be drummed out of the ranks, or never allowed in in the first place. Most everyone performing in any related area knows this to be true. If you have chosen what is true as your objective in life, you’re not looking at anything like smooth highway. It’s a harsh price exacted and tantamount to making death appear more as a reward than anything else (grin).
Well, the sun has now retreated for the while. Hopefully it wasn’t the result of anything I said, heh heh.
Ah… what do you know? It just came out again. No matter where you are, there are times when the sun is going to be less visible. This is sometimes more often and sometimes less often the case. So it is with the physical sun. With the inner sun, the spiritual sun, this is also true, depending on what stage of our journey we find ourselves in. It is to be hoped and… it has certainly been promised, by those far wiser than myself, that the time does come when the inner sun is no longer subjected to the same conditions of transiting weather as the outer sun. We set our sights upon that blessed day and the hope that we may see you there as well.
End Transmission…….
Radio show pending, depending on how one or the other of these suns is so disposed.


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