Going to Disneyland to do the Horizontal Hula

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 1, 2014

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To paraphrase L. Cohen; “first we take Provincetown and then we take Palm Springs”. To see where more and more of the cultural mainstream is at, one must read the comments at this article and keep in mind that the article had nothing to do with the comments. Then, further make yourself aware of the site these comments are posted on.
The Zio-Ukrainian govt has cut off the drinking water to Crimea. There is no mention of this in the Crass Media. Imagine what’s going on behind the scenes, just imagine. Those who have enslaved humanity through their economic hocus pocus and who presently make war against all religions; who promote atheism and political correctness (because it gives them something to hide behind), who hate all that is good and noble and true in the human spirit; in those rare life forms where is still resides and where it has not been morphed into frightening travesties of itself, through bombastic patriotism and manufactured senses of duty through charitable works that wind up serving no one… are… are well aware of what’s on the menu for them.
For centuries, the populations of many lands have had to deal with these predators and they’ve gone to considerable trouble to make themselves untouchable… or so they think. When you have Satan in his top hat and tails whispering in your ear, you’re likely to believe almost anything but… hey, you’re a cosmic lesson for the purpose of demonstration. You booked the tour. You said, “hang the expense” you partied till the sun came shining through Doomsday’s Gate.
You made sure your bloodlines stayed consistent over the centuries and long ago you stole what you could get your hands on concerning the ancient mysteries that contained the secrets of personal magic and social control. You put your people on every side of every equation and it just doesn’t seem possible at this stage of the game that anyone could mount any kind of effective defense against your intention to wipe out a significant portion of the human race and turn the remainder into a permanent servant class. Satan is good at what he does. In a job description of that sort, you need to be high end capable or someone else is going to get the gig.
They’ve shanghaied the laws and the lawmaking processes to create an aura of invulnerability around themselves. They like strange and they like the attention it brings. Most people go down for things because they couldn’t keep their mouths shut. It is amazing to watch people brag about the kinds of things that will eventually put them behind bards or under the boot-heels of an outraged populace. It fascinates me to watch all of the different destinies dovetailing toward predictable ends. When it happens it is not going to be pretty and the intensity of it will be powered by their resistance to it.
Humanity amazes me. They’ve got no fur or fangs and comparatively they are so weak next to all of the other life forms. There’s not much atavistic juice to speak of these days, unless you’re in the South Seas islands or perambulating with Big Foot. None of these limitations bother some people. Give them the right set of clothes and circumstances and they are easily convinced of their exceptional state.
Personally, I’ve had it with all of this self deception and artful fantasizing, what it looks like is that life hurts. People are fixated on the Horizontal Hula and they never tumble to the fact that all those precious body fluids are just variations on the compounds used to create Krazy Glue. There’s hardly a pretty flower of any metaphorical bent that doesn’t come decked with some form of hidden thorns or poisonous under leaves.
People drink themselves silly in the hopes that they’ll get to do the Horizontal Hula over and over again. Shakespeare had a few words on how effective that combination is. Beset with the mindset of personal inadequacy, people pursue wealth and power, fully believing that the people who wouldn’t fuck them without it, will now gladly fuck them since they are in the possession of it. Do they not see what this says about them and whomever it is they wanted to bounce up and down on, or simply lie still as the grave beneath? Do they care? Of course not. That would spoil the whole construct. Truth in vision is not a desirable state to have to live in. Who cares if they only love me for my money or my status? At least they love me right? Right?
I was in Woodstock years ago and at the time I had a friend named Michael. He also had a yogi name. He went the way of so many acquaintances that suited whoever I thought I was at the time. He went out of town for a week once and he left me with his antique Mercedes stretch sedan. I remember pulling into the Esso station one day. Apropos of nothing, it was owned by Lee Marvin’s brother (who also lived there). I remember getting out of the car. I was going to get some gas and while I was pumping the gas, I saw this car pull in and this VERY attractive young lady got out. She saw me and she gave me this brilliant smile. I nearly turned around to see if someone was standing behind me. It really looked like she knew me and the energy of her attraction for me was palpable. I couldn’t put it together and then I got it. Right! It was the car. I cracked up. Lee’s brother came out to where I was and collected the money and I got in the car and drove away.
Being able to have anything you want, whenever you want it, is a special kind of Hell. Being so content with yourself that everything else is incidental to it is the key to an immortal serenity. There isn’t much that doesn’t show up at some point, either as a reward or some kind of test …and most of the things we thought we wanted- as life proves out in most cases- is not what we wanted and worse… the source of enduring distress; either due to the things we did to get our hands on it, or the fact that, once stripped of its original glamor, we find it to have been all allure and not much else.
Maybe it’s just me and that’s how it has worked out in my case, as the result of the peculiar aggregation of molecules and mysteries that compose me but… I tend to think otherwise given the looks I see on people’s faces as I make the rounds. Quite some number of people look like they bit into a lemon, or are carrying quite a bit of ill concealed and toxic violence around with them. Most of this, I observe at a wide distance. It’s somewhat different around here; not to say there isn’t some amount of that, especially in the young. I was driving with my friend yesterday to purchase more insulation, backing paper and what not and as we slipped through the different small towns that make up most of the area here, he pointed out something to me that I had already noticed and that was the number of men going in and out of various convenience stores, returning emptied beer bottles and departing with a couple more. He told me there was a great deal of that around here; people drinking all day long. That’s another terrible Hell.
People form their ideas of right and wrong based on the temporary glimpse of life in a single expression. They see people with certain predilections and practices, in certain situations and conditions and they moan about how unfair it all is and how we all have the right to be anything we want to be, once again confusing liberty with license. What they don’t take into account is that other lives led them into this life and this life leads to yet more. Why does that insufferable asshole get to be a rock star? Why is that talentless slut a film star; pursued in the sticky and oleaginous wet dreams of horn dogs the world over? Why does that nasty creep have all that money and why does the local sheriff let him have his way with every youth he sets his eyes on in the neighbourhood, before or after the sheriff himself gets done with them? This is all part and parcel of lifetimes bleeding into lifetimes bleeding into lifetimes; the same as the planets move in their relentless and inflexible courses to set the state for all the actual justices that will inevitably take place. Seasons come and go, civilizations rise and fall, nothing ever changes, it just looks like it does and of course, with every new life you get new eyes to be newly deceived, in whatever way that belief in what the formerly old eyes told you, led to.
Those people living the high life and milking the karmic cow, paid whatever price there was to get to where they could prance about and act however it is that they act, while the meter is running. Sometimes they are singled out as life lessons. One might say all of them are, one way or another.
What can anyone do to come to terms with all of this in the most effective and most positively transformational way? Sages… teachers, holy oracles of wisdom… have all said pretty much the same thing; throw yourself on the mercy of the court. Take all your dreams and ambitions, your hopes and regrets, your fears and apprehensions… all of it and pitch them into the ocean. Ask for help and guidance. Ask to be led out of ignorance and into the light. Ask to be led out of the bondage of darkness and into the Broad Daylight Awareness of seeing things as they are.
This is too much for so many people who still think that when they get their hands on whatever it is that they think they want that it will be exactly what they thought it would be …if not more. Once you are ‘capable’ of realizing that things are not what they seem …because you are not who you are and because of that cannot see things as they are… you are in a position to accept and to embrace your state of fundamental unknowingness and can then rely upon the greater wisdom of the higher mind to anticipate every barriers and blockade before you and troubleshoot your way around them; effectively leading you out of Egypt. You are only what you are and only what you think you are, based on where you’ve been; even though you can’t even remember where or what that was, it is written into the code that motivates you and arranges the scenery around you… for SO LONG AS IT IS NECESSARY… until realization comes. In whose hands does realization lie? Who dispenses it? That is whom you must seek out. If you are looking for soft ice cream, some brand of carbonated drink, or or a temporary sexual easement from the cosmic tantric, zoning committee well… you have to direct your footsteps toward another dispenser. Those would be the dispensers with the (in many cases) big line around them.
I understand that at Disneyland and Disney World there are huge lines in front of all of the rides. I’ve never been. I also understand that the rich have found ways to pay to have themselves listed as disabled or similar in order to get the head of the lines in every case. The power and intoxication of things like Disney-thrall is immense. What is the point of getting so many people, after winning a competition or however they got on the stage, once asked what they would do now, they always say, “I’m going to Disneyland!” This is actually a reincarnation thing. Look at all those people lined up for these rides to nowhere; whether it is in Disneyland, Wall Street, some singles’ bar or wherever they go that is directly or indirectly connected to what they think they want. When you get into one of those secret bowers where wisdom, realization or similar graces are gifted, one of the things you notice is how very alone you are. How it is …and ergo, why it is that it keeps on keeping on as it does. It will surely always do so. You, on the other hand, do not have to.
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