Iran to mull over military budget hike

Iran’s Parliament has been urged to offer an increase in military budget to help the Iranian Defense Ministry’s aerial industry flourish.

After a Wednesday visit to the Defense Ministry’s Aerial Industry Organization, Head of Iran’s Aerospace Commission in the Parliament, Ahmad Mahdavi-Abtahi said the outstanding achievements of the organization calls for stronger Majlis support.

Mahdavi-Abtahi urged parliamentarians to approve an increase in military budget to support the Defense Ministry’s military equipment production projects.
Iran’s military modernization efforts and its development of advanced weaponry come in response to Western war threats against the Islamic Republic.

Washington refuses to take the military option against Iran off the table. Tel Aviv has on many occasions threatened to launch air strikes against Iranian nuclear installations.

Iran insists that it pursues a defensive military doctrine. Senior Iranian military officials have declared that while the country’s Armed Forces do not intend to attack any country, they will stop at nothing to protect the Islamic Republic’s sovereignty.

The Iranian Parliament member’s call for a military budget hike comes amid reports that the Pentagon has proposed a $450 billion increase in the already record-high military budgets in a move believed to be in preparation for a war. (Emphasis added. Ed.)

Some portion of the estimate would be allocated to a vaguely defined ‘contingency fund’ and other parts would be used for replacing or repairing existing military equipment or ‘reset and modernization’.

If approved, the contingency fund would help the rapid deployment of US forces overseas in the event of an unexpected crisis.