Sterling Controversy is Anti-White Racism

Henry Makow Ph.D. — April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling (nee “Tokowitz”) owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team has sparked national outrage by asking his girlfriend not to broadcast the fact (over Instagram) that she came to games with black men, in this case ex-great Magic Johnson.
The girlfriend, a Ms. V. Stiviano recorded the conversation in which she pointed out the absurdity of his request, given that his team and the NBA in general is three-quarters black. Stiviano herself is black and Mexican; Tokowitz-Sterling is Jewish and 81-years-old, which may be the real problem.
President Obama has called Sterling’s remarks “racist and incredibly offensive” but a reflection of challenges still facing America. Basketball star LeBron James was among numerous players saying there is no place for Sterling in the sport.
There is no mention in the mainstream media that Sterling is Jewish, and this is an example of Jewish racism. It’s OK to condemn white racism but God forbid we recognize Sterling’s attitudes for what they really are.

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