Kali Yuga and the Long Bataan Style March into the Dark Backwards

Smoking Mirrors — April 28, 2014

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Welcome to Red Hot Smoking Mirrors. We’ve got a bit of a rogues gallery lineup for you today. Let’s start off with Mr. Apocalypse’s latest target, the loathsome Mr. Toad; Donald Sterling. Here is an in depth account of the man. On page 3 you will find… can it be? Can it be that he is a member of that select chosen groups of special individuals? Why… what do you know? Yes he is. It couldn’t be worse for him; to be the owner of a professional basketball team, which, of all professional sports is most dominated by people of a certain physical colouration. As you read about him you will see his character unfold. It’s not a pretty picture and… if “character is fate”, he’s in a world of hurt. The interesting irony here is that his much, much younger girlfriend is a member of mixed race.
As Mr. Kurtz said; “Oh the horror, the horror (or was that Marlon Brando?)” Here you can see an example of just one horror perpetrated upon others by this lovely strain of life form. I guess it’s no great leap to figure out who was selling the rotgut and infected blankets to the Native Americans. With every following day… the crimes past and the crimes present, of a certain element, in a certain demographic, keep coming up in the windshield.
Let’s move on to yet another attractive racket. Hop in the saucer pod with me and we will hover over The Vatican for a bit. This and the other rhinestone cowboy drag queen got sainted recently. Of course, when one considers their behavior while they were here, one can rightly wonder at the bizarre disconnect that allows for conferring inappropriate honors upon the dishonorable. I’m guessing, if the organization lasts long enough, Pope Rottweiler will also get himself a halo. Doesn’t he simply look divine? No one can tell me there isn’t something to phrenology. I combine that with the five elements, analysis system of Chinese medicine and Whoa! You can get some interesting reads.
Borrowing yet another observation from the Oriental perspective; we are certainly living in ‘interesting times’. We got agents of the underworld getting those glowing, holographic circular tiaras and we got mass murderers getting Nobel Peace Prizes. It could hardly be more screwed up, upside down and backwards than it is. Kali Yuga is the long Bataan style march into The Dark Backwards. Whether you are getting Kali Noogies or dodging Kali Loogies it’s all a bit like bobbing for live grenades during the festivities at Carnivale in Sarjevo during the 90’s.
Can anyone (still in possession of an objective mind) doubt for a moment that Mr. Apocalypse is winding up to some kind of global statement? To me, it is past obvious that the powerful and passionately deluded are being driven by intents other than their own to the furthest possible reaches of madness. “Stop that train, I want to get off.”
As I’ve said any number of times, there are two ways to get proof of the certitude of faith, should you be still in need of such confirmation… after all this time. One way is to see the positive side of the transformation of circumstances and events as they point to auspicious result and the other is to see the ridiculous face of the negative, in all of its overwhelming seemingness of force and to comprehend the extreme combustibility of its paper tiger being and not being. To a committed optimist, everything is cause for affirmation.
I often think of the look of radiant conviction in the faces of those I admire from other times; those sages and teachers of old. How can you doubt the oft hidden but altogether possible when you see a face like this? Oh… I could find many more and so can you. This is your own hidden face. It is concealed behind the mask of our fears and uncertainties, as well as our entrenched presumptions of how it is, when it is not that; not that, no, not this either- neti neti. For so long as we think we know, we are bedevilled by our false presumptions that hide what is so behind what we think is so. Once we seek to release ourselves from the bondage of our own fabrications; whether installed in us by others or formed and set into place by the fires and forges of our ignorant desires, the process is initiated and on its way.
Few of us know the full extent of the power of the good that waits to assist us; is eager to assist us. We are the victim of divided loyalties. We have to be singular in our devotions and exclude all of the false and temporary deities that clamour for our fealty.
Today I walked into the forest and addressed Lady Nature. I apologized for being remiss and inconsistent at this in recent times and vowed that my inconsistency would now be at an end. I made some number of requests and I said I would return again and again to make these same requests or to discuss them in more detail, or to present them in new and novel forms. Once I had concluded a beautiful and colourful bird came flying toward me and landed on a branch just above me (closer that usual to be sure), trilling out a series of notes. It cocked its head toward me following that and then it flew away. I had been heard. You would have had to have been there to get the impact of how very real this was; the timing of it and the appearance of it all, in concert with what it was that I said.
There’s nothing unique about me in respect of what the cosmos would do for me, as opposed to any one of you. Yes… I am unique in my individuality; that snowflake aspect of my persona but… then so are you. However, when it comes to what the cosmos is most inclined to confer upon or do for me, or you, we have only to remember that term about the sun shining equally upon all of us. We are noticed and gifted and inspired, to the degree of the intensity of our effort toward union with Source.
Whatever iniquities are in the daily practice of men like Sterling, Howdy Doody, John Kerryoke, the glitter rock popes, or any of the rest of the ludicrous cartoons, that are living truth and testimony to just how dilute and depraved it has all come to be… they are no more than lessons of enduring failure. They are propelled into the spotlight of their spectacular fall by their own dark ambitions and the energies and intelligence of Mr. Apocalypse, as he leads them up hill, down hill, over dale and round the corner to their appointed end result.
One of the most critical truths that anyone can ever learn is the power and potential of the moment in which they find themselves. You might think of that as a complexity of crossroads; a central nexus out of which many paths and ways, stream out like bicycle spokes in all directions. At any time one can put their focus on any spoke and the natural magnetism of existence, will activate the moving walkway under their feet. Whatever we place our focus upon, we are magnetized by. Whatever we place our focus upon, we are magnetized by.
Think of it like an airport with all those terminals and boarding gates and each of them lead to particular airplanes that are bound toward particular destinations. Where do you want to go? See your friendly ticket agent and get your boarding pass. Sure, you might have to make one or more connecting flights. I don’t know where it is you want to go or how involved the route might be but… the cosmos is a computer whose abilities and capacities dwarf any similar mechanism that has ever been or ever will be.
Well… I started out (“on burgundy but soon hit the harder stuff”- grin) in one place and now I am in another place altogether. I suspect that this present location is a great deal more desirable than the starting point. We shall see.
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I recorded a radio broadcast last evening but I haven’t seen any sign of it so far. I expect it will show up.


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