Manifestation of the Serpent, Rome, April 27

Michael Hoffman — Revisionist Review April 25, 2014

This Sunday April 27, 2014 represents the culmination of the devolution of Christ’s ecclesia, from the Catholic Church into the Church of Rome.

The process commenced according to plan in the latter half of the fifteenth century.

Two patron saints of child molestation-facilitation, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, will be raised to sainthood (“canonized”).

We recently related that we were endeavoring to compile a pamphlet and publish it to coincide with this catastrophe.

However, as we surveyed the materials that we have assembled for this project, we realized that we could not do it justice if we rushed it into print as a booklet.

It will be a volume of some 200 pages; perhaps more. It is titled, “The Renaissance Church of Rome: The Occult Manifestation of Human Alchemy.”

It will center on three principal subject areas as they have metastasized from the 1400s into the 2100s: Judaism and Neoplatonism; Usury and the Money Power; and the Theology of Lying and Deception.

This book is in the early stages of development and it is too soon to give a publishing date, though we will hazard a guess that it will see print perhaps by July, and that advance orders will be accepted in six or seven weeks.

Let it be known that what will occur on Sunday in Vatican City, perpetrated by the heirs and successors of the Renaissance Church of Rome, does not need a book to tell us what it is according to the Revelation of the Method. The book tracks the trail of the serpent. The manifestation of the serpent by means of this double-cross double canonization is apparent to all who have eyes to see.

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. This is the final secret.

Michael Hoffman



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