Men – Seek Helpmates, Not Soulmates (Updated) — April 7, 2016

Girl Friday ImageLove perfection but do not seek it in a flawed fellow human being, a woman. “

“And God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make a help meet for him.”
  Genesis 2:18
Update-  I could almost feel my friend, a feminized male, flinch when I said, “The heterosexual dynamic is based on a man convincing a woman to do what he wants and her acquiescing.” I had committed heresy. These words are politically incorrect in our Cabalist societal cult. Forbidden. Yet ironically they make for successful relationships while feminism usually doesn’t.
As I have said, men want power; women want love. Heterosexual marriage is the exchange of the two. Women surrender power in exchange for male power expressed as love. Exclusive sex is the symbol of this contract. I’m not suggesting a woman should acquiesce to all men (as they do sexually under feminism) but only to the man who has patiently earned her love (trust) through courtship. If she ceases to acquiesce or he ceases to love, the contract is broken.
The conversation turned to child rearing. My friend has a four-year-old son and remarked that he is tired of letting his son make the decisions. Children want to be told want to do, he said. Ironically, that is true of many women also. They want responsible loving leadership. Men have been emasculated. Masculinity involves taking loving charge of a woman (and children.) 
In our society, there is a pathological emphasis on “relationships.”  We depend on other people’s approval for legitimacy. Paradoxically, this over dependence on others tends to impede successful relationships. The most important relationship is with ourself. That’s the only approval we need.
A woman should not be loved for her sex appeal or beauty. She did nothing to deserve them. They are gifts of nature.  A woman should be loved for her deeds. She should earn a man’s love.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. —from April 26, 2014

I wish I understood the following 45 years ago when I was 21.
Men, marry a helpmate, not a soulmate. I have been married to one for 15 years. It works for me. If you can find a “soulmate,” I tip my hat to you.
To those who say helpmates are boring, I say “hallelujah.” I don’t depend on my marriage for excitement.  However, my wife is not what feminists call “a doormat.” She has a masters degree and a career. She’s smart, honest and has a good sense of humor.
“You contradict everything I say,” I tell her. “Not all the time,” she replies.
I have brought her breakfast in bed for 15 years, a gesture of my love and appreciation.
So, here’s my advice in ten points.

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