This Crisis was Planned

For the last few years manufacturing industry, which is the only real creator of a countries wealth has been steadily eroded by outsourcing the work to countries where labour costs are much lower. As a result, earnings have dropped with those working in those in the service industries earning less and less money.

This has lowered the standards that many US citizens were accustomed to, yet to the elite, U.S. workers are still way overpaid. For the elite have no qualms about about reducing workers to the same level as were the lowest proles in communist China or Russia.

Radical? Yes to the normal person, but not to the neo-con crazies who run the US.

For a year or two now, articles have been reporting large FEMA camps, obviously meant for holding large numbers of people, yet we could only speculate as to their purpose. Similarly recent concern has been expressed as to the possible purpose of massive stockpiles of plastic coffins. The recent annulment of Posse Comitatus, which forbade US troops to fight against their own people and a full brigade of battle hardened troops assigned to crowd control on US soil, do not bode well.

Not only are the people of the US being relieved of their money by taxes to bail out the elite, their living standards have been eroded, and it is going to get worse. An article on the truthseeker website paints a terrible picture. The Timing of the current financial crash was more or less 9/11, the date of that incident orchestrated by the same neo-con vermin a few years ago who took the lives of 3000 American citizens.

The US is set to become a military dictatorship, at the first big uprising that will be provoked Martial Law will be declared. House-to-house searches will disarm the population, leaving any large insurrection to be put down by military firepower.

While the Mainstream Media will play it’s part as it did in 9/11, suppressing the real facts and promoting the official line.

Our phones, cell phones, Internet and emails are all being watched. Hitler and previous tyrants showed the way. Little changes bit by bit, not enough to cause panic, until the trap is ready to be sprung. I believe that the trap is ready now, and we are the prey.

Good luck, these are interesting times.