Brendon O’Connell – Jailed Four Years for “Anti Semitism”

Brendon O’Connell — April 22, 2014

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”– Voltaire

I was arrested by 7 members of the State Security Investigation group on May the 12th 2009 for calling Stanley Elliot Keyser a “racist Jew” and “racially vilifying him in the process. Section 80B. That was one year jail time.
I then used words such as, “your days are numbered” talking about Rabbinic Pharisaic Judaism etc. This came under a different part of the legislation, Section 77, the most serious in that I was “inciting others” to go and kill Jews.
These are comments from my Blog at the time – after I was arrested – that got me more charges under Section 77 –
“1,500 Gazan’s are dead, one million plus Iraqi’s. We can only hope and pray that the international community strikes hard and makes sure that gaggle of Satan’s children in occupied Palestine are brought to justice.”

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