Holy Smoking Cowpies and the Typhoid Mary’s of Material Excess

Smoking Mirrors — April 22, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
It is truly the time of unveiling and… as is often the case, it turns out to be either different from what we expected, or more complex than surface evidence indicated. What one naturally wonders is how much of the population is aware of the shabby legerdemain of the (non PC alert) retarded elite. One also wonders what percentage of the population are sensation drenched; fully immersed, as it were, in the Crème Brule of manifest existence. The first casualty of such immersion is the loss of objectivity in a positive operational sense. Values, of course, are fully compromised and this is attended by a general desire to kill anyone who gets in your way, at least in your mind. It’s a form of deliberate contagion being spread by the Typhoid Mary’s of Material Excess.
It don’t matter, no way, no how to Mr. Apocalypse. In these times, whatever one gets up to inclines toward exposure. On the unfortunate end, it is an exposure to others. On the more fortunate side (can be), it results in exposure to yourself. More and more it comes to mind that conditions are being individualized for all of us as we move into the Event Horizon. “Where your heart is, there your treasures will be also”. This can be interpreted as the fulfilment of just rewards which are not, in all cases and possibly in most cases, desirable. We are given this time, in this life, to accomplish as much as we can, according to what motivates us. This can be different at different times and it is a given we will all fall at points and get lost for periods, unless we are truly, and that would mean, deservedly, charmed… and that would make you a rare bird in these times.
It appears that this could be a most interesting series of days coming up this week and possibly spilling over into the days beyond. This is what the planets tell us. The reports vary, depending on who you are reading. We’re been primed before, as was the case with The Harmonica Virgins but given that this deals more specifically with terrestrial affairs, we should see something of one kind or another. We’re already seeing things on the preparatory line.
Much of my internal conversations this morning had to do with maintaining a sense of optimism; putting the past aside completely and allowing the self-image to be based on reflecting the higher mind and not on flawed recollections of past experiences that may well have been unavoidable and the meaning of which may well be a mystery. That’s the problem with knowing and thinking we know. It influences everything. If you ‘consciously’ don’t know then you are influenced by the one who does. We’ve got a choice. We can give direction, without having complete directions or we can take direction.
The enduring part of the problem is not that everything we know is wrong but rather that our information is incomplete and given the scope of it all, it fluctuates between seriously incomplete and woefully inaccurate. What’s that saying? “A little knowledge is dangerous.”
I’ve had some first-hand experience in recent days of how well it can go when you let your invisible friends have the wheel. Of course, that didn’t stop several inexplicable events from happening and subsequently causing no small amount of doubt to come waltzing it. Doubt is never far from any of us these days. It lurks. That’s just one thing but what I am noticing is, “Keep the focus on what’s in front of you.” That dictates the course of the future and when the ballast of the past has been tossed out of the basket, you might say, “we’re off to see the wizard”, metaphorically speaking; given that it is ever so much more than a wizard. Yow!!!
Yeah, Mr. Apocalypse is just rolling along. It’s amazing how many connections there are and how they run all the way to the top. Then you find that things click together sideways and cross over this away and that away. There is a great deal more at work in this quote than the simple and direct statements, “He claimed the men regularly threatened to ruin his acting dreams if he didn’t comply with their demands. We were told that we had to keep the members happy – “We control Hollywood and we will eliminate you” – there was threat after threat,’ Egan told reporters. This has been said before by others.
Could it be any more clear that Satan is loosed and working his final death magics before being bound up by the avatar? The force of reversed Kundalini is ubiquitous and this is what the devil’s tail symbolizes. There is an argument to be made that the devil, as he is made to appear, is a farcical illusion, well understood by initiates but sufficient for the deception of the masses. It should be crystal clear what the massive publicity campaigns about any number of lifestyles is all about; whether they be sexual, dietary or concerning particular philosophies of operation. It’s all connected on a web of complicit deceit. One becomes convinced of what they see and the value accorded to the components of the manifest and then one engages in self-deception.
The juvenile nature of what’s going on shouldn’t be sophisticated enough fool even a borderline intellect but there is something more than fog at work in the fog that is clouding the human mind and it’s amplified and solidified by the perversity of compromised hearts and minds.
There’s some heavy vibes whipping around the planet on their own astral winds. I can feel it even here in the middle of nowhere. I’m getting spoken to all the time. That isn’t usually the case. There’s got to be a reason for that. The inner dialogue is all positive and nutritive. The outer appearance is threatening in various ways and unclear in many others.
Holy smoking cowpies! Mr. Apocalypse is really rocking the set. It’s not like we didn’t know these things must be true about Offal Winfrey and worse, probably much worse. So it goes. Meanwhile Joltin Joe Biden and his talking hair transplant, is everywhere these days. There must be a reason for that. It seems to have something to do with trash talking Russia and boy… they’re going a mile a minute about it and no amount of Photoshopped evidence expense is being spared. I suspect Putin has an answer to all of this. Pride goes before a fall and as Lao Tzu most beautifully illustrated; ones reach should never exceed ones grasp. We are on the verge of the greatest single global transformation that has been seen since there was life in the cities many a mile below the oceans sands.
It is what it is. That statement keeps coming up in my mind. It somehow connects up with, ’things are not what they seem’. How and why that is, I do not know. All sorts of things are connected and we are going to be seeing those connections shortly because that is another part of Mr. Apocalypse’s many duties; revealing and illuminating the many heretofore unknown connections between so many things and in the process, defining these things as they have not previously known or understood. This is all a part of the awareness that attends awakening. Another way of putting it is to say that everything is to be seen in a new light. It is altogether possible that at some point things will be what they seem. The false light illuminates whatever it shines on in a certain way. The true light also illuminates what it shines on AND what it shines out of. These two lights are not the same.
I keep asking myself why it is that I feel so good with so much that is unfortunate, seemingly looming on the horizon. I realize that there are many who do not see any of this looming. They just figure it will all be okay… somehow. There is a line break that is meant to occur between the old world passing and the new world coming. Two separate destinies will rise to their specific occasions and everything and everyone will become what they really are, or live to see what happens when you have successfully fought against this happening.
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