What Motivates Putin?

Rixon Stewart — April 22, 2014

During the 9th June, 2012, celebration over Nazism Putin emphasised that Russia must be ready for new sacrifice. Click to enlarge

The Illuminati are not always in agreement. Different factions within the elite are often at odds. They have no unity purpose and certainly no common faith. What unites them in their drive to subjugate humanity are their own individual flaws as human beings.
They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t have some foibles, at least. None of us is perfect but it is the flawed characters of many of the world’s leaders that make them useful to the dark forces that preside over the New World Order.
Indeed, without these all-too human faults many wouldn’t have risen to power in the first place.
It was his character flaws that made Hitler useful to the Wall Street titans who indirectly financed his rise to power. The very same financiers who profited from World War II and reaped lucrative rewards in the Cold War that followed after the Red Army swept across eastern Europe.
These flawed character traits are also what made Tony Blair so useful. Driving him as he pushed for a series of wars that ultimately led to the deaths of millions: in the former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are also clearly evident in the man’s grasping egoism and the fact that he owns not one or two or even three but six luxurious properties.
Almost literally, Tony Blair is the embodiment of smooth talking avarice that puts materialism above finer human qualities.
It is these all too human flaws that make the world’s political leaders so useful to the real powers in the shadows. It is also probably true to say that no one rises to any prominent political position without having some flaw or weakness because these are the essential means whereby they are manipulated.
With threat of exposure of their flaws or gratification of their vices, the world’s political leaders are beholden to their masters in the shadows.
So we only concur up to a point when Henry Makow asks:
Is Putin False Opposition“?

Kissinger and Putin at Russian leaders country house outside Moscow. Click to enlarge

We have to differ, albeit on subtle points.
For while it’s true that President Putin wouldn’t be where he is today without the assent of the global elite, we feel that it would be a mistake to think that his every move was precisely choreographed long beforehand. There is an element of chance at work in the world and if the elite want their long-term agenda fulfilled they have to work with it.
President Putin may have provided them with the ideal opportunity.
Like Hitler and Stalin before him, we are sure that Putin has flaws that can be exploited by the elite. Without them he wouldn’t have assumed another term as president. However, we also believe that Putin may be something of a loose cannon and that he may not be entirely beholden to the Illuminati.
That’s something they can use to their advantage though. Because although Putin appears to have turned on his Illuminati overlords, the crucial question is what has motivated him?
Is he genuinely opposed to the direction they have chosen? Or is his opposition motivated more by egoism?
Is he driven by a desire to make his mark on history by becoming feted as a great liberator? Is he captivated by the idea of being seen a great figure? Or does he actually want to liberate humanity from the political illusions it labours under?
Nothing is clear cut here. There are elements working from the shadows trying to fulfil a dark agenda but they are not having it all their own way. There is an element of happenstance at work.
The elite were close to igniting the fuse for World War III with Iran. Had they succeeded the conflict could have easily escalated and it’s worth noting that while Putin was prime minister and president the crucial S-300 sale, although agreed, was repeatedly delayed and ultimately cancelled.
However, Tehran proved intractable and developed alternatives and armed itself to the point where U.S. led strikes may be too costly and do little to achieve their objective. Resulting in at best, a stalemate. Or at worst, a massive Iranian missile bombardment of Israel and U.S. regional bases and ignominious defeat for two of the Illuminati’s prime vassal states.
If that had happened it may have resulted in even more problems than the ongoing face-off with Iran.
So Putin may have just provided the Illuminati with a way around this dilemma. Intentionally or not.