What’s Really Behind Brown’s Cabinet Reshuffle

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to carry out a limited reshuffle of his government in the next few days.

However, there may be more to this as one insider in the British security/political establishment explains

About 6-months ago Dan Norris MP Wansdyke let it be known that he is expecting a position in Gordon Brown’s Government at the year-2008 re-shuffle.

This could be very soon now.

If this happens, it will be as a reward for Dan Norris having provided Gordon Brown with the blackmail-instrument that enabled Gordon Brown to force Tony Blair out of all UK politics on 27th June 2007, i.e. evict Blair from being both UK Prime Minister and MP for Sedgefield.

This letter was indirectly referred to in Cherie Blair’s book ….see Gordon Brown pushed Tony Blair to quit: Cherie.

Back in early 2003 Tony Blair had been forced to write this letter to Dan Norris his Defence Whip in the House Commons.

Dan Norris had a Quaker/Pacifist upbringing, and so had been tasked by Tony Blair in 2003 to get the vote for War.

Dan Norris was able to tell people that in spite of this Quaker pedigree he could see the righteousness in this particular case for War with Saddam.

In that letter Tony Blair had to assure Dan Norris that the WMD being sought by the US in the coming war with Saddam were not the nukes as carried on a B-52, and that the arms trade had acquired back in May 1991.

Without that letter of assurance from Tony Blair, Dan Norris would otherwise have quit as War-Whip, and so no UK Commons vote for War with Iraq.

In May 2003, after the ground war with Saddam, and with no proper WMD being found in Iraq, Dan Norris realized that he had been tricked by Tony Blair over the true ID of the WMD the US were really wanting. Namely them being the nukes that they dare not admit that they ever lost…..and still this is going-on.

On realising Tony Blair had tricked him into getting the vote for War, Dan Norris immediately quit his job as Labour’s ‘whip’ in the House of Commons.

Norris told the media that he needed to spend more time with his constituents, even though it meant him (Dan Norris) having to forego the extra cash.

This cash shortfall seems to have been made-good for Dan Norris.

Since then he has been allowed to cane his MP’s expenses.

Incidentally North Korea exploded one of those ex-USAF warheads as a dirty-bomb on 9th Oct 2006, and with Iran’s help.

There is a sting in all of this is now personally for Tony Blair.

Because Tony Blair did not heed the warnings he was given about the nukes that the USAF had lost and one has now been exploded by North Korea…..he (Blair) could be deemed to have caused it?.

He (Tony Blair) could thus be eligible for immediate Jail without trial under Tony Blair’s own Nuclear Explosions Act of 1998……maybe even at Guantanamo?

This can be for-Life unless later acquitted at trial.

For this reason there is a move afoot by the Gordon Brown Government sideline this Law….and thus soften the risk for Tony Blair.

They are trying to introduce a maximum time-period of 42-Days for detention without trial.

UK military intelligence don’t want the Jail-provisions of the Nuclear Explosions Act negated in this way.

This was made plain by Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller (former head of MI-5) talking to me just 2-days after her statement in the House of Lords 3-months ago.

The indefinite Jail provisions of the present law encourage anyone in the know to come forward and tell all to MI-5 before a bomb goes off……

Even though as an involved party said person may have made money from
their onward sale…..and so hand-over the cash.