Another Revisionist Arrested

Australian revisionist historian Gerald Fredrick Toben has been arrested at London’s Heathrow airport.

British police executed a European Union arrest warrant issued by German authorities at Heathrow on Wednesday.

Toben is the founder and director of the Adelaide Institute, a group that questions conventional accounts of World War II, particularly the Jewish Holocaust.

The arrest warrant accuses the 64-year-old Toben of publishing material on the internet “of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature” in Australia, Germany and other countries.

The alleged “Holocaust denier” was due to appear later at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court.

A former teacher in Victoria, Toben has been involved in lengthy court proceedings in Australia for allegedly denying the Holocaust, and was jailed in Germany in 1999.

In a speech at a revisionist conference in Tehran, Iran, he called evidence of the Nazi gas chambers “the products of a feverish pathological mind filled with pure hatred, mostly directed against Germans and anything German … the product of an appalling state of ignorance of natural and chemical processes”.

Toben has also questioned whether the Holocaust accounted for as many as six million Jews. Like David Irving he says killings took place but on a much smaller scale than that claimed by conventional historians.

In other words Dr Toben has asked too many questions about the Holocaust and this has raised doubts about the conventional historical account. So in effect, Dr Toben is being held on the basis of what is tantamount to “thought crimes”.

Yet as we have pointed out elsewhere, there is good reason to question the conventional account of the Holocaust. For example the question of how many actually died is still a highly debateable point.

From the end of WWII until 1991 it was claimed that 4 million were gassed to death in Auschwitz. However, in 1991 that figure was lowered to 1.1 million, a reduction of nearly three million.

Nonetheless, the overall figure of Jewish deaths in the Holocaust remained unchanged at six million; although plaques at Auschwitz itself were replaced to reflect the new reduced figure.

Moreover, it is important to stress that this sort of Historical Revisionism is not necessarily “anti-Semitic” as some claim. David Cole, a Jew himself, has questioned the historical narrative concerning the Holocaust, particularly events at Auschwitz.

As to why the likes of David Irving and Dr Toben are being treated as they are? We can only conclude that the so-called Holocaust Industry is now too profitable a business, both politically and financially, to allow itself to be undermined by the finer points of historical accuracy.