Voice of the White House September 29, 2008

“My God! If it weren’t for the obnoxious bloggers, the American people would never know one end from the other. The Internet is a wonderful source of information but it is also the playground for an enormous army of the loud of mouth and the tiny of brain.

What seems to be causing a feeding frenzy now is the appalling Sarah Palin and most especially her idiotic and devastating Couric interview. There is genuine panic in the upper ranks of Republicans over the choice of Sarah as McCain’s vice president.

I have never met her, nor would I want to, but I have been speaking with people who do know her and believe me, they are shocked and frightened lest the voters learn more of her distasteful persona and activities. In the first place, she may be clever but she is stupid beyond belief in areas in which a vice president must be knowledgeable. She knows absolutely nothing about economics, foreign policy, domestic and foreign diplomacy and her idiotic chatterings are beyond belief.

Sarah is being kept away, often by force, from any correspondent or television interviewer lest she utterly destroy McCain’s chances at the Oval Office. Sarah virtually pushed McCain away from the podium once and announced the ‘Palin/McCain ticket’ in her cheerleader squall. As more and more about Sarah Palin’s background comes out, the GOP leadership is now seriously considering the ways to boot her off the ticket and replace her with someone else that won’t do to McCain’s campaign what the iceberg did to the Titanic.

My annoyance with the bloggers is that they have wild methane moments over Sarah but the truth is even more devastating that their windbreaking.

Sarah is a fanatic evangelical Christian. Sarah believes in, and practices, ‘talking in tongues’. Sarah’s pastor believes in witches and screams about them from the stage of his church on a regular basis. Sarah is vindictive to a degree and certainly far from honest. Her children are so gross that, like their mother, they are shoved into figurative closets and locked in, lest the media discover them.

The thought that when, not if, an increasingly disordered McCain had to step down from the Presidency (on the somewhat remote chance he was elected to it in the first place) and turned Sarah loose on the United States and the world is enough to terrify anyone, Republican or Democrat, into wetting themselves.

And as if that isn’t bad enough, now we are beginning to learn that the Georgian attack on the Russians was known well in advance by Washington and quietly approved, (and in the case of Bush, instigated) by both the President and the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State and a busload of top general officers, both in the Pentagon and in EUCOM.

Far from Bush’s sandbox dream of one-upping Putin, it was Putin who one-upped Bush, humiliated him, ruined America’s reputation world wide and showed up the once feared NATO as a very fragile paper tige,r standing forlorn and sagging in a monsoon.

In the midst of life, children, we are crotch-deep in peanut butter. At least it looks like peanut butter but it doesn’t really smell like peanut butter.”

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