Crisis Actor Detected in Jewish Community Center Shooting Hoax

Nodisinfo — via Rebel News April 15, 2014

Regarding the supposed shooting of two people at a Kansas City-area Jewish community center if there is even a single crisis actor playing the role of a grieving loved one, then, the hoax is confirmed. In this case the crisis actor is a key one. It is none other than Mindy Corporan, purported mother of one of the deceased, and also the daughter of yet another of the ‘killed.’ It is Corporan who is a central figure in this scam. If it is proven she is a fake, then, the entire claim of a real shooting at the Jewish Center is readily proven false.
In just a few short hours after her son and father were killed by being  blown away with a shotgun (it is clear that this is a lie, but it is repeated here regardless, because of its ludicrous nature), here she is giving a speech at a memorial:

That’s a very severe kind of emotional trauma to endure, that is to lose two dearest loved ones as a result of gunshot wounds. How could she possibly do that and remain so well composed? Where is the shock element, the pallor, the tears, the despair? Is she a super-woman? There is no evidence that she lost any loved ones.

She appears to be involved in a business transaction. Her handler is showing the facial expression of greater emotion than her. Or, is that real emotion or instead the firm attempt to avoid bursting out in laughter?
Mrs. Corporan (in red sweatshirt) said that she came upon the scene before police and paramedics arrived, but already knew her son and father were in heaven together (presumably that’s why she is not in shock or suffering even the slightest degree of despair).
Can anyone imagine it? These were supposedly two living people. It takes a significant hit from a shotgun to cause sudden death; there would be a forensic mess in that parking lot. Yet, she saw both her father and son blasted into oblivion, and she can, without the slightest evidence of shock or despair, give such a speech?

Mindy Corporan, the daughter of Dr. William Lewis Corporan and mother of Reat Griffin Underwood, both killed in Sunday’s shooting at a Kansas City Jewish community center, speaks out at a memorial service Sunday…
Already, she is giving a speech? Where are the corpses? Are they still warm? The priest in the back is not convinced. Moreover, on the DailyMail video it can be realized that her voice is devoid of emotion and whiny. She offers platitudes. She tells people to live more, giving out advice. Who would find it believable?

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