Why I Had a Vasectomy

Dave Ess — henrymakow.com April 12, 2014

Not Dave

Two years ago, at age 32, I decided to have a no-scalpel vasectomy because of my experiences with the opposite sex, and concerns about money and the unjust legal system.
My parents had a lengthy, bitter divorce when I was 18.  My retired father was forced to live with a friend until the courts allowed him enough money to live on his own. During the divorce, he had to live on $500 a month and take whatever job he could find. Once the divorce was finalized, the family’s hobby farm and other property were split, but this process took four years while the Freemason lawyers made off like bandits. This experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. Courts favor women in child custody, support, and property partitioning.
My first sexual relationship at 19 was with a woman who was two years my junior.  I didn’t have much experience and was a very socially inept person. During sexual intercourse, she would frequently take the condom off. I was worried about STDs and pregnancy.  This relationship lasted about six months. She became pregnant a month later but it was not my child.  Years later I found out she had seven children by other men.  You could say I dodged multiple bullets.  She was my first close call with early feminism and the possibility of legal entanglement.

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