Dirty Harry Sun Bathing at the Dead Pool

Reflections in a Petri Dish — April 12, 2014

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Greetings all. This will be the last posting for a week or so; the sites need to be relocated to another host and I need to be relocated as well. So… as soon as these details are settled, you will hear from me again, unless I do an Ambrose Bierce. It’s possible that the whole world can change in a relatively short period of time. We’ve no real indication that this is one of them. As far as I know, my car does not have a black box. It is not listed in the Golf manual that came with it.
There are those who think the missing plane may have landed at Diego Garcia. I wonder how many readers know about Diego Garcia and how we went about the acquisition of it; You know, America is not quite what it likes to present itself as, is it? In a story directly related to nepotism and selling the country out to foreign interests, it’s been disclosed that Uber-Corrupt Senator Reid and his son want the Bundy ranch land in order to install a massive solar project in concert with the Chinese. Senator Reid is no stranger to dirty doings as evidenced by his mafia connections. You can google all of the known facts and it’s not just one mobster that makes the same claim, The real question of the day is why isn’t Reid generally referred to as ‘Dirty Harry’, in an ironical sense that is?
Here’s the sort of individual that Dirty Harry has carrying out his powerful, behind the scenes, will. The militias are mustering and either someone backs off, or Ruby Ridge is going to look like a Sunday picnic. It has to be understood that the rage and resentment in certain locations has been building and building. By this time anyone who isn’t stoned or stupid knows that 9/11 was an Inside Job. They may not know that Israel was behind it but… many do. There was the murder of Posse Comitatus and The Constitution. Then there’s that whole Homeland Insecurity thing along with the TSA frottage cabal of Local 101 of the Sexual Perverts’s Union. They’re an affiliate of Local 504 of the Rump Rangers Union for NAMBLA snacking in tandem with all the other Tribe sponsored sex circuses, for the purpose of political to and fros, for the purpose of discord and enmity, for the purpose of carrying out the wishes of their Horned Headmaster. Though it’s not on the present menu, paddling will definitely begin making its appearance at some point. Surely you remember these people. Proof of their perspective on us is easily found.
A little digression in the nature of assistance through these troubled waters. It isn’t going to appeal to everyone but if one person gets the benefits then the mention is justified. I’ve been making “The Science of Mind” available on occasion to the interested (not at present though because I am busy for a bit), in any case, here is some resource to the works of Ernest Holmes delivering his own work of video. You might have to pick and choose but what he teaches works and such practices and techniques are invaluable in times like these.
Now where was I? Right! Dirty Harry was sunning himself by The Dead Pool, Bin Julip in hand with a radioactive twist. Mr Apocalypse is coming! Oh yeah! There is an ineffable and he has his/her agents and nothing pleases them more than giving evidence to cynics. I can never quite get my head around how it is that ordinarily intelligent and even brilliant people can consistently confuse religion with the existence of the ineffable, as if the two were connected. It should be readily apparent what religion connects to. As bad as some of us know these people to be, they always prove to be significantly worse than we imagined. Well, we’ve got religion on the one hand and science on the other. Of course, there’s no question this is a useful application but there is also no question where certain business interests intend to go with it.
Mr. Apocalypse is the John Riggins style running back of cosmic change. Not a day goes by when he isn’t working it right up the middle  Hopefully Mr Bollyn knows enough to stay out of small planes or cars with computers. As Mr. Apocalypse roams the countryside with his front loader, the other guys are busy running around in all directions with dumptrucks full of shit, which they then dump on any groups of people foolish enough to congregate together, as you can see, one of their favorite dumps of the moment is to fabricate fraudulent blame for the Zio-CIA/Private Contractor bombing of the Boston Marathon on to the shoulders of patsies.
They are most certainly gearing up for a new world war, along with digging bolt holes for themselves in countries around the world. In Russia a massive underground project is taking place in the Urals (they hardly have a choice given that they are under attack from ZATO and Wall Street). In the meantime, the U.S. is selling military technology to Russia and China. This is all the result of corporations running the country; profit at all costs, no matter what the result may be. One of the main attributes of greed is that it is blinding.
This is the most troubling aspect of change pending; when in consideration of having that change exercise itself in the most comfortable manner for the majority of us. The minority of us are intransigent and hate any change that does not bear an attendant material profit for themselves. An unfortunate side effect of this is that some portion of the majority have come to believe that this is how things are done, so they either join in, in their own way, or they tolerate it so as to be left alone (they hope) in their lives of ‘quiet desperation.’ What this leads to is en masse resistance to change. The problem with that is that change is irresistible. There’s some law of physics that relates to this; what happens when the inevitable meets up with someone who is opposed to it making itself present. As a result, Mr. Apocalypse has to lean ever harder and harder upon both circumstance and consciousness, until the proper level of awakening has taken place. In extreme cases this means that the proper level of awakening can’t even take place on this plane and has to be effected at some further location. One might note there is an admonition, hopefully ‘ill concealed’ in this statement (grin).
I’m guessing, since the universe is benevolent and benevolent beyond what we are capable of that this law of physics, whatever it is, is applied on a case by case basis. I don’t see the lot of us being binned for the acts of others. It’s probably something like the story of Lot with a few pillars of salt along the way as historical markers for posterity; should such a state be on the following horizon; in the aftermath, as it were, after whatever it is that we are getting closer and closer to finally takes place.
I suppose I ought to conclude this closing post with a taste of optimism; some positive reinforcement against the banshee howls of the harbingers of doom that attend the passing of a disreputable age. It’s hard to be heard against the volume of their shrieking. I see them now, like massive raptors and steroid infused crows; harridans and harpies of the scavenger multitudes waiting on the dinner bell. Hmmm, I seem to have surfed right past the Exit to Optimism and find myself still on the same highway I was on. No matter, we’ll just try again, shall we?
Things come together and things fall apart. Things go up and things go down. People arrive and people depart. People behave well ( not so often as they once might have) and people behave badly. The sun comes up and the sun goes down. Spring is filled with promise and Winter…? Winter is filled with the hope of Spring. Best to make the best one can of Spring before it’s completely sprung. Hmmm… that’s not entirely positive is it; not quite so foreboding as the last attempt however… perhaps one final effort-
It’s a given, should one be a follower of authentic spiritual paths- and there are some number of those- that as one progresses in their efforts, there is an increase of light within, accompanied by a greater illumination upon the darkness without. In the opposite direction, quite the reverse is true. The simple clarity of this and the simple math that invariably adds up to one’s destination, equating with ones predominant intention, should not even require further commentary. It is what it is. Now… this might not have been entirely positive either but one certainly has the freedom to make of it what they will. I will point out that these options remain in place the life long, should one ever feel inclined toward some alteration of their former purpose.
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There won’t be a radio broadcast this Sunday due to other considerations. We will attempt to return next week but that remains to be seen.


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