Suicide Antipasto and the Age of Hypocrisy

Smoking Mirrors — April 11, 2014

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Yeah… I’m as puzzled at this single portion sized Michael J. Fox playing in a horror remake of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (the kid is 5″3″ and weighs 110 pounds), not being subdued more quickly, hit by a chair, or whatever, as I am by the police statement that the reason they got there so fast was they were nearby so it only took five minutes. Five minutes? In case you’ve never been in a situation like this, five minutes is a godawful long time. I used to be able to run the mile in under five minutes, which isn’t very fast. The photo tells a story. Is this an expression of some new government program? Will we soon see an army of postal going Jack Torrences?
Don’t worry though, “he is not a weirdo.” cue Warren Zevon; He’s just an “Excitable Boy.”
Michael Chertoff’s anorexic brother has a realpolitik awareness of economic needs; but advertising logos on jerseys? Why not tattoos or skin embedded LED running lights? Let’s face it, when you’ve already stolen everything you can get your hands on, through the generous Noahide permissions of a hijacked economic system, you have to get creative, especially when your job is to protect people from people like you and especially when your reputation is a few notches below that of the serial killers and Animal Farm Originals you resemble. Of course, active, sitting members, couldn’t just come out and say something like this, so they leaned on a retiring vampire bat to make the appeal.
The American Congress is officially lower in the eyes of the public than a strong arm yoke robber or a crack whore. One can close ones eyes and see all of them bent over the rails in the balcony of the House Chambers with their pants down and being serviced by J Street Representatives. I’m trying to think of lower lifeforms, given especially that they were once presumed members of a class of higher lifeforms.
This is what happens when corporations and agents of Mammon are allowed to decide who occupies legislative office. They’ve long been in control of the judicial system. What happens is that they can select the worst specimens of the type; the most corrupt and malleable available, which means that The Israelis can arrange junkets for them, during which honey pot blackmail scenarios take place and, as if they didn’t own them already, they truly own them now.
What so many of these opportunistic vermin and the vermin in control of them don’t get is that a system only works within certain parameters. There are rules. Think of it as a ship on the ocean or a car on the highway. There are rules of operation that one must follow if one seeks to continue to move down or up the highway, or stay afloat on the water. If you don’t pay attention to your steering, you will go off the road because the road does not remain straight forever and cars drift if they aren’t being consciously steered. Now, one also needs to consider the size of the car and what that means when it inevitably hits something, or at the very least buries itself in the sand. At that point, whatever shape it takes, the car is no longer operational. If you’re on the ocean and you pay no attention to shipping lanes, coral reefs or storm conditions, at the very least you are going to be experiencing unpleasant conditions.
Let’s say you are one of the J Street Buttboys and you are involved in submitting and lobbying for the passage of bills that were written up by J Street lawyers and then given to you. Let’s say that these laws ONLY benefit corporations and agents of Mammon. You are responsible for whatever Karmic conditions you were instrumental in bringing about. Oh, you don’t believe in Karma? It is my pleasure to inform you that that makes no difference whatsoever because Karma believes in you. Though you may consider yourself a noctivagant traveler moving along sightless byways, unseen by the eye of the regent of The Sun, his angels, or any witnesses who dwell in that demon-graphic; much like Gollum, finally shaking his fist at The Moon before disappearing into the nether regions of the Earth. This is to be expected from those who operate out of the nether regions of their being. We hear about singing from your diaphragm, which is the real reason that one of the contestants, ‘CJ’ (he is not singing from there) on this seasons American Idol, will not prevail much longer (none of the judges seem to realize this). As Steve Martin once noted, “He told her to sing from her diaphragm? isn’t that really hard?” Anyway, you don’t often hear about people speaking from their colon, or small intestine but it does happen, especially in the corridors of power.
Can you imagine what lies these people have to tell themselves in order to make it from day to day (shudder)?
Tonight, Mr. Visible is watching a film called “Bad Words”. It’s actually pretty good (so far). Mr. Visible appreciates black humor. You’d better, given the conditions of the times in which we live. The works of Harold Pinter and David Mamet are pure Reader’s Digest compared to the real life conditions of these times. Of course, it’s Tribe represented. I’m still looking for an exception.
Given that this is The Age of Hypocrisy, we get some less than beautiful examples by the day. Yes, Mr. Apocalypse has personal feelings concerning hypocrisy and he makes sure it gets noticed and commented on. I love Mr. Apocalypse, he’s the champion of the underdog. The whole idea of him used to loom a tad fearful in my mind but now that I see what his job description is and that I personally have nothing to fear from him and everything to gain, well… that sits right well with me.
Mr. Apocalypse is working his way through the ranks. He’s on his way to the heavyweights and the suicides are simply the antipasto. Heh heh, I like that, Suicide Antipasto (is there a pasto and an anti-pasto?). That’s serious haute cuisine. Anyone who thinks that the crimes of Satanic bankers and their dark acolytes are not past worthy of capital punishment needs to read this. This is past gruesome. This is epic evil and we know who the players are. All you have to do is check the timeline and who was operating in the relevant departments, along with whomever it was that set out to economically prosper from it. Mere death is far short of what they deserve. It is not my place to judge them, if only because my imagination is not equal to the true awareness of the magnitude of their crimes. That is for the special angel; that recording angel upon whose scroll the testament of their lives is written.
Let us not overlook Lady Nature, who is no longer bound by occult art (if memory of my time in Italy is accurate) and is now free to respond to the state of what is taking place upon this sacred orb. This is not to say that Lady Nature means ill in this particular demographic, only to say that nowhere is safe, unless your safety is minded and monitored by the one in whose hands all fates reside. No one is more truly the fool than he who is unaware of or ignores this. Job one on this planet is to find out where the power lies. The sold out whores of political industry think it resides in one place. People like us know otherwise.
Of course, sometimes you have to wonder if it is Mr. Apocalypse at work or The Antipasto. Your antenna should go up as you read the article. It certainly is interesting that these specific things should appear on a business card sized piece of papyrus.
We’re closer than we were to whatever it is we are getting closer to.
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