One Last Diatribe Before We Get Specific

As I expected, before I wrote the last several pieces, there was some amount of static about perspective and attitude. It was a lot less than I thought it might be and well off-set by the majority of responses. Some of them thought it was my best work ever. I would definitely disagree with that but it just goes to show… you never know what’s going to ring people’s bells and what’s going to piss them off.

One respondent made me laugh. He said I would accomplish a lot more by just telling people on the street that I love them. He also didn’t think much of my attitude toward the sheep and what he inferred was my harsh declarations about what may happen to them. I’m not sure I even used the word sheep, I might have but I don’t use it often. What I immediately wondered was, “What does this guy think happens to sheep anyway?” As for stopping people on the street and telling them I love them well… Now, mind you, I do tell people I love them but I do it sub rosa in their ears while the world sleeps at night and I do it by doing what I do because real love protects; it’s a condom from the invisible. Loving people is not about ceremonial displays of affection. I might as well be air-kissing airheads in L.A. for all the good that does. Saying something is one thing. Doing something is another. The best way to tell people you love them is to tell them the truth.

Some may think that my reading on the world situation -and it’s time slot here in the Kali Yuga- is a tad negative. To those I say, “you haven’t read much history.” History is an endless track of bloody footprints. There are periods of calm. Even when world wars are in action there are places where no evidence of it is found. However… however… you really do have to be a moron or deep in desperate or indifferent denial not to be able to see what is going on here.

I would also like to point out that you are (and will be) dealing with several kinds of bi-pedal forces. One of those is a percentage of psychopaths and they are not going to be affected by your telling them you love them; not now and not ever. Another element is the dark, marauding bands of criminal minds which always get together when bad times come. These are the folk that loot and burn and rape. Then there’s those who are paralyzed by fear who intend to kill everything on sight. Most of us have not seen beneath the veneer of civilization when a mob gets out of control; when the power goes off, when food and other necessities become hard to get. I’ve seen some events and you would be very surprised to see how quickly the beast within swallows the human façade.

I am fond of saying that people have three faces. The first face is the one they want you to see and the first one they present you with. The second face appears over time as you come to know the person (inasmuch as you are able). The third face appears when danger threatens. Regrettably I have had a number of occasions to see that third face.

I like people. However… I can’t say that I generally respect or want to be around them, except in specific cases. They believe things that are not true. They see things that aren’t real. They desire shit, because it’s wrapped in golden foil. Their vanity is out of all proportion to any merit. They think the game they are playing is real and I know that it is not. They think so many things are important but they are not and they will lose every one of those things one day. They will keep none of them. They will leave the way they came.

Things are not going well in the main at the moment. Yes… chariots of great power and majesty may descend from the sky and straighten everything out. I will point out that even if they do, there is no guarantee that you won’t be one of the things that needs to be and gets… straightened out.

There are millions of people who really believe that God is pleased with their bullshit genuflections and groveling annoyances. Whatever name they’ve given this God, they are certain that that is his name. He hates the same people they do and he really doesn’t like sex even though that’s the process by which we all got here. Apparently he only likes the kind of sex that has official papers. In some cases, he doesn’t like sex at all and will send you to Hell just for thinking about it even though there would be no world without sexual activity and no world to save you from without it. Whoever this God is that these people believe in, I am here to tell you that ‘that’ God does not exist and neither does the one the atheists don’t believe in. That God is an anthropomorphic troglodyte just like you. It’s a bigger you with all the nasty little attitudes and habits that you grafted on to him.

You seem to believe that you can shit where you eat and it’s okay. It’s even more okay to ship your shit abroad and bury it in the landscape of the countries whose resources you robbed and left in crushing debt at the same time. It’s a sort of two for one deal. But never mind, everything is going to be just okay as long as we carry out the pretense of some public display of loving each other; even though we don’t know who it is we are loving or who we are either.

Real love tells you your ass is in trouble and tries to get you to see what you refuse to see because you are having too much fun working the system for your own advantage, never suspecting that you are what the system eats and… if you don’t believe me well, look at what’s happened to your retirement capital and you had better… oh definitely, not get sick which… isn’t that easy, given the sort of food you’re sold and the stress you have to live under. The medical industry is a disease factory and if there is some new and useless, but more painful way to treat you, especially if it costs more, you can count on seeing the brochure tomorrow.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this. It would be no trouble for me to sell you a New Age cure all and have you give me your money and whatever else I might want and you’d like that because it doesn’t force you to confront your situation or make the uncomfortable changes necessary to enjoy a better life. I could do it too. I could fill your head with beautiful lies and show you how to do it to others as well but… for some reason; I can’t bring myself to do it. Therefore… you had better wake up and you had better wake up now.

It’s a lie, people. Your government is a liar and a murdering thug and they think you are there to shear at their pleasure. The people who should be in government have too much integrity to go bobbing for apples in an outhouse and the people with no integrity are the flies buzzing around the place that they won’t go. Your religious leaders wouldn’t know God if he groped them personally in an adult theater and brought them to an orgasm that shot them past Shambhala and beyond. Most of your churches are no better than an adult theater and far less entertaining with your droning hymns and sleep inducing gobeldy gook about begats and burning lakes of fire for activities that most of the people in the book were active participants in. Get a clue.

This crap has gone on for too long and it’s past time for it to crash and burn. You race down the highway, leaving principles and manners behind you like road kill, so that you can get wherever you think you’re going so that you can wait… So go ahead, hurry up and wait. The world as we know it is on its way out. You think you can cling to the wreckage then go ahead. It would be like grabbing the walls of your mother’s womb to prevent your birth. It’s not going to happen.

The attack in Yemen by a non-existent Al Qaeda is the opening bell. As we move through the year, you’re going to see that things you won’t look at have you very much in mind and are looking at you. I’d like to hope you’re going to wake up and collectively cry… “hold, enough!” We’ll see.

While the President Makes War


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